everyPON Strategy | Calix Driving Adoption of 10G PON Solutions


Calix, Inc. has announced that more than 75 communications service providers (CSPs) worldwide are deploying its 10G solutions. The versatility of the AXOS® platform and the everyPON strategy, enable CSPs to simplify their networks and operations with the technology of their choice.

Coupled with Calix Marketing Cloud, CSPs can accurately identify subscribers ready for 10G PON services and ensure they are deploying the ideal PON technology to deliver the desired experience.

Calix AXOS is the only software access platform with a portfolio of systems that will power networks built on all PON technologies—GPON, XGS-PON, 10G EPON, and NG-PON2.

The E7-2 Intelligent Modular System and the E9-2 Intelligent Edge System both offer the scalability to grow networks and modular architecture to enable CSPs to switch technologies as needed. The E3-2 Intelligent PON Node enables CSPs to deploy 10G PON to subscribers in remote locations without a remote cabinet, reducing the need for costly and time-consuming rights of way for installation.

CSPs can also incorporate Layer 3 functionality with the Intelligent Access Edge solution, which consolidates edge routing, subscriber management, aggregation, and OLT functionality, dramatically simplifying network architectures and operations. With AXOS, CSPs can future proof their fiber networks and deploy the right technology at the right time to optimize their capital investments.

In addition to the AXOS platform, Calix Professional Services ensure CSPs can simply transition subscribers from GPON to the next generation PON of their choice without adopting costly Optical Distribution Network architectures that inhibit future PON technology upgrades.

“Calix introduced a portfolio of 10G PON solutions more than three years ago, thereby providing service providers with a range of deployment choices,” said Julie Kunstler, principal analyst for Ovum. “This deployment flexibility is reflected by Calix’s wide-range of customers, encompassing municipalities to traditional service providers and from electric cooperatives to alternative operators. In addition, Calix remains the leading vendor supporting NG-PON2 deployments, including channel bonding capabilities. Flexibility and scalability are crucial given the varying and growing requirements of service providers as they support today’s customers and applications while planning for the future, including the evolving smart home, 5G adoption, and IoT.”

From traditional telcos looking to upgrade their networks to the latest 10G PON solutions to new broadband service providers like municipalities and electric cooperatives deploying 10G PON from the beginning, Calix is the clear choice. Recent examples include:

• Auburn Essential Services (XGS-PON on E7-2): Municipal broadband provider Auburn Essential Services (AES) is future-proofing its transformation to a Fiber to the Home (FTTH) network architecture. This next generation network transformation enables it to deliver the most advanced services to its community through a triple play broadband offering. AXOS automates and simplifies FTTH deployment capabilities and network operations. AES benefits from a common operational model that allows it to accelerate the rollout and deployment of new services. The municipal CSP is embracing the everyPON strategy, currently featuring GPON and XGS-PON line cards with an upgrade path to NG-PON2.

• BrightRidge (XGS-PON on E9-2 but ready to add NG-PON2): Johnson City, Tennessee-based public utility BrightRidge is deploying an AXOS-based next-generation network, providing an additional proof point for the everyPON strategy. The fiber innovator will be adding NG-PON2 to its network rollout, benefitting from the seamless migration path offered by the simplified architecture of AXOS. BrightRidge has already launched a coexistent Layer 3 XGS-PON and GPON network that will expand to more than 40,000 homes and businesses passed.

• WWZ Energie AG (XGS-PON on E9-2): Switzerland-based WWZ Energie AG is advancing communications innovation in Europe with a new 10 Gbps-capable fiber network built on AXOS. WWZ is deploying AXOS on the E9-2 Intelligent Edge System, which reduces operating expenses by simplifying the network architecture and speeding the implementation of new products and services. This solution also opens the ecosystem for third party applications, enabling CSPs to differentiate their offerings and deliver an unparalleled subscriber experience.

“Since it was introduced to the market, AXOS has continued to redefine the way service providers deploy networks by dramatically simplifying architectures and operations,” said Michel Langlois, chief development officer for Calix. “The AXOS portfolio features a complete set of solutions for any 10G PON deployment scenario. As subscriber demand continues to increase, the ability to scale to meet that demand will necessitate maximum versatility across those 10G technologies. We are perfectly positioned to enable our customers to extend the benefits of AXOS all the way to their subscribers to ensure their services deliver an unparalleled experience—today and in the future.”

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