Etisalat adopts Blockchain technology in HR

Blockchain Technology

Etisalat has announced a new initiative that aims to empower employees with Blockchain-powered digital HR credentials, becoming the first to implement this cutting edge digital technology in the region.

Implemented in partnership with, Etisalat is providing lifetime access to all HR letters, empowering employees with tamper-proof data at their fingertips. The objective of the blockchain implementation is to ensure all employees can generate, access and utilise credentials 24/7 and 365 days, while credential verifiers can do the same without any dependence on manual intervention.

Dena Ali Al Mansoori, Group Chief Human Resources Officer, Etisalat, said: “The future of work is here. Our world changed in 2020 and Etisalat’s overall strategy to ‘Drive the Digital Future to Empower Societies’ has never been more important. Making this digital future a reality and bringing the technologies of the future to all our customers across our markets unites and fuels us. The HR team is focused on bringing that reality within Etisalat to empower our employees, increase engagement, organisational efficiency, and create an incredible employee experience.”

“Implementing Blockchain technology in HR ensures employee data is under their control and is secure and accessible anytime, anywhere. Deploying these technologies efficiently and responsibly across our communities and within our organisation is a top priority. Etisalat has some of the most talented and innovative minds in AI, Robotics, Blockchain and other technologies and as our society continues to transform digitally, we will continue to focus our efforts on these capabilities as part of our recruitment and talent strategy in 2021 and beyond.”

This is a classic example of how Etisalat is implementing and benefiting from Blockchain on top of helping government and private organisations on the adoption of this emerging technology, such as in the blockchain trade finance platform UAE Trade Connect or the ‘Shahada’ Blockchain platform for digitizing education certificates.

In addition to Blockchain, Etisalat HR has also soft launched an ‘HR Virtual Assistant’, a chatbot equipped with a complete set of FAQs and HR policies. In the next phase, ‘HR Virtual Assistant’ will be enhanced with a comprehensive interface for all Etisalat employees and will serve as an omnichannel in providing all HR services such as applying for leave and claims, requesting letters and other employee-related requests.

Etisalat has also successfully implemented Robotic Process Automation (RPA) into HR processes, enabling HR teams to streamline processes resulting in faster and more accurate data or request verification. Some of the RPAs verify educational claim, sick leave and business travel as well as job postings.

On the learning front, Etisalat offers iQra, a mobile first, AI powered learning platform, available for all employees and offers the highest quality digital learning from any device, anywhere they are based.

In line with UAE’s paperless initiative and strategy, reward and recognition certificates are automated and digitized this year, eliminating unnecessary delays on arranging hard copy certificates. The digital certificates such as Monthly Excellence, Outstanding Project Contribution Award and Long Service Award are instantly generated and emailed to employees.