ETELM, Telecom ParisTech Engineering School to develop eNodeB for Private Mobile Radio networks


ETELM and Telecom ParisTech Engineering School, member of the Paris – Saclay University, have established a joint project to develop an innovative concept of LTE radio cells able to deliver top rated QoS to LTE/LTE-A users of PMR services. The resulting eNodeB product is ideal for mission critical applications.

The project “eNodeB Long Range Optimization” is an accelerator for the development of E-UTRAN products and features that meet the specific requirements of secure Mission Critical PMR communications, especially those relating to the optimization of PMR group communications QoS and radio coverage range.
Unlike traditional 4G, PMR services are characterized by a high proportion of group calls. The eNodeB Long Range project focused on optimizing eMBMS processing, which is a point to multipoint communication service defined by the 3GPP E-UTRA standard.

The project was initiated and is fully funded by ETELM.

Pierre Minot, Founder and CEO of ETELM : “I am very proud of our partnership with a very important player for the future of Telecommunication in France. It emphasizes the leading position that ETELM has in the Mission Critical communications and LTE development. This partnership is a major step in the development plan for ETELM and our range of LTE based products.”

Patrick Duvaut, Director of Research of Télécom ParisTech : “The collaboration with ETELM, an industrial champion of the Telecoms industry is a lever for major technical and scientific breakthroughs in the mission critical communications area. This partnership illustrates the scientific strategy of Telecom ParisTech, based on high level research works, in response to the challenges of digital transformation of the society and the industry”.

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