Essay Writing Services: Legal or Not?


There is a lot of debate around professional writing services. Professors and teachers unanimously claim that they harm student learning and should be banned forever. Students, in their turn, are pretty cool with any writing help they may get and seem very much consent with delegating a certain share of their academic responsibilities.

While some schools and universities may have a different opinion, writing services are legal. And here is why:

They provide materials only for reference

On the website of every reputable writing service, there are always terms and conditions that outline the basic rules of using the website information and the services they provide. In other words, by hiring a writer from a paper writing company, a customer agrees to obey the conditions included in their disclaimer policy. And yet it is a matter of debate whether all students ordering their writing assignments adhere to these rules.

Normally, a disclaimer would include that every service-crafted piece of writing was produced only for reference and for further individual research. They exempt the firm from any claims of cheating or plagiarism. This is the true purpose of writing services. It is the student’s responsibility, however, to think about the ethical side of using such essays for their academic advancement. It wouldn’t be cheating to use them as a sample for writing their own essays or papers. On the other hand, students are free to deliver the paper they bought as their own original writing, without changing a thing.

They just give the clients what they want

Writing services don’t intend to become a student’s understudy. They only work with the purpose of delivering the material that would help students to optimize their studies.

Yet in college, many students find jobs forced to get by through these several costly years. Some of them may already have their own families and are responsible for bringing home the bacon. To make the multitasking job less burdensome, writing services help students to better understand the gist of their assignments and to speed up the research process.

Copyright rights belong to the buyer

As a rule, a professional writer service transfers the ownership of its work to the customer. Due to the specifics of its work (which is technically ghostwriting), essay authors don’t expect that students would include their names when submitting their research. The buyer becomes the sole owner of the rights for the copy they bought, and every customer support representative can confirm that. Is it ethical or not? The answer to this question is fully up to the student.

No doubt, that paying another person for completing your writing assignment is cheating in a sense. However, oftentimes, it’s just a matter of choosing the least of two evils. Regardless of the case, legally, the paper belongs to the client, so they are entitled to do whatever they deem fit.

The majority of essay writing services conform to the law

Professional writing services are fully legal.

Although the US education institutions are still trying to prohibit students to outsource their writing assignments, there are no existing legal norms that could ban the activity of essay writing companies. To cut the long story short, these providers work in concordance with the laws and regulations of the state’s jurisdiction.

The attitudes may differ, but the legality of writing providers is out of the question. In the first place, their products serve as samples to help students to get a clear idea of the assignment and boost their individual writing skills. As it is, outsourced essays and papers are meant to guide students in their personal research.

The problem is ethical

The essence of this is clear. All the fuss around the writing services concerns rather its ethical nature than legality. No matter what others say, using someone else’s assistance to improve academic performance is not illegal. Whether professors like their students paying for their papers or not, it is not a good reason to legally ban essay writing services.

In 99% of situations, there is nothing illegal in using online writing services. The cases, when it may be, are outlined in the fine print of the terms and conditions, policies, and code of ethics and conduct of the company.

Worth mentioning that academic writing is not the only niche such writing services usually deal with. They also help professionals, coaches, trainers, and researchers with different writing assignments. Like writing a persuasive speech, for one. The purpose of writing services is to complete the work they were paid for and give in the ownership for this piece of writing to the buyer.

Remarkably, but a lot of college and university professors are fine with students paying experts, proofreaders, and editors for their help in brushing up their writing assignments. Getting an outsource writer to give you a hand with your paper is no different than hiring a tutor to advance in learning. Besides, even high-ranking professionals don’t mind any assistance from savvy writers.

It goes without saying that paper writing companies are completely legal. They have a registered address, pay taxes, and operate in accordance with the legal grounds of the country. Moreover, they hardly help students to cheat. The ethics policy of essay writing services is built around their goal to provide assistance and guidance to the students who want to achieve writing proficiency and improve their academic performance.

A service that provides writing assistance is merely a tool. That can be misused in the wrong hands. Just like any other tool. It is worth mentioning though, that writing elegance doesn’t appear out of thin air. It’s carefully nurtured and cherished – often, not without someone’s help and supervision. Different people learn in different ways. However, anyone can benefit from a ready-made template to stick to. And it is exactly what essay writing services do – they offer research assistance, guidance, and mentorship. Should they really be banned for that?

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