Erillisverkot taps Ericsson to strengthen 5G public safety network


Erillisverkot Group – the Finnish state-run body responsible for national communications networks for public authorities, emergency services and other critical services – is to add Ericsson Security Manager to its 5G core network public safety network. The move is part of a mission-critical public safety partnership with Ericsson.

Instant, reliable, and stable communication is critical to enabling and supporting successful emergency operations. First responders, including firefighters, emergency medical service personnel and police, rely on fast and secure connectivity.

Digital Transformation Innovation

Public safety agencies are increasingly turning to mobile 3GPP-based solutions driven by 4G and 5G capabilities such as secure and speedy sharing of data, images, and video.

In April this year, Ericsson announced a partnership with the Erillisverkot Group to build a next-generation Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR) network based on 4G/5G technology. The partnership, which covers network migration to Ericsson’s dual-mode 5G core and solutions for a common cloud-native platform, will now include Ericsson Security Manager.

Ericsson Security Manager will enhance the control and visibility of network security for Erillisverkot’s 4G and 5G networks. The solution provides security automation, compliance monitoring, and security analytics.

Ericsson Security Manager will also help to automate security controls and maintain them at the desired level. It will also shorten the average reaction time to possible security breaches.

Public safety authorities to benefit from these services include the Finnish Defense Forces, police, fire and rescue services, social services, and health care providers. Other users include Finland’s Emergency Response Centre Administration, government and local authorities, and companies critical to national emergency supplies.

Antti Kauppinen, Head of Department Mobile Technology Development and Strategy, Erillisverkot Group, says: “Providing the best quality, safest and most secure network is exactly why we exist. By adding Ericsson Security Manager to our partnership with Ericsson, we will have the most reliable, secure, and sturdy network for our network users. As a result, Finnish society will benefit the most.”

Keijo Mononen, Head of Security Solutions, Business Area Technologies and New Businesses, Ericsson, says: “Ericsson Security Manager addresses a security threat landscape that is always changing. With Ericsson Security Manager, Erillisverkot gets a solution to safeguard its mission-critical services and networks specifically. We look forward to continuing our close partnership working with Erillisverkot to ensure that its needs are met, and network users are secured.”