Ericsson, Telenor test Norway’s largest 5G pilot network

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Ericsson and Nordic communications service provider Telenor have connected two Norwegian locations via 5G for the first time, as part of the country’s largest 5G pilot network.

The two companies have deployed a 5G pilot network in Elverum, about 140 km from the capital Oslo. The pilot network opening on September 26 was also marked by Norway’s first live 5G video call between Telenor CEO, Sigve Brekke, and Telenor Norway CTO, Ingeborg Øfthus.

Petter-Børre Furberg, CEO, Telenor Norway, says: “This is a historic milestone that we are particularly proud of. During the past year, we have been testing and experimenting with 5G. We are now taking the technological development to the next level. In addition to inviting a number of pilot users, we will also enable other residents of Elverum to test, experiment and explore the super network of the future together with us.”

Ericsson Radio System technology and related services is enabling the pilot network, which operates on the 3.6 GHz frequency band. More than 50 domestic and business Norwegian customers in Elverum will be connected to test 5G-enabled services such as Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), TV, smart home and smart phone connectivity.

Jenny Lindqvist, Head of Northern and Central Europe, Ericsson, attended the Elverum launch. Lindqvist says: “The success of this 5G pilot signals great things in store not just for Elverum, but for Norway as a whole. The benefits of 5G’s high speeds, low latency, and superior reliability will make a real difference. Ericsson is leading the way in 5G in Europe, so we are pleased to work with partners such as Telenor to ensure that their customers in turn also benefit from that leadership and expertise.”

Telenor is looking forward to launch 5G commercially in 2020.