Ericsson, T-Mobile Austria and Stanley Black & Decker accelerate IoT connectivity

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The three partners are collaborating on innovative IoT solutions for connected equipment and services, with Ericsson IoT Accelerator – the company’s global connectivity and device management platform – playing a key enabling role.

Using T-Mobile Austria’s network, Ericsson IoT Accelerator for global connectivity, and Stanley Black & Decker’s digital accelerator, the three partners are simplifying and accelerating the global deployment of Stanley Black and Decker’s connected equipment and services.

One such example, already live in the field, is the Stanley Earth’s farming project in India – the NADI Smart Solar Pump – that is enabling farmers there to increase productivity and lower costs while offering a more sustainable alternative to an inefficient power grid or diesel-dependent water pumps for irrigation.

The 5-horsepower model of the NADI Smart Solar Pump is capable of delivering 100,000 liters of water a day, enabling farmers to manage groundwater resources better and irrigate over 5 acres of land throughout the year for higher crop yields – all with the control from their mobile phone.

In addition to improving the livelihoods of rural farmers and their communities, the smart, connected solar water pumps also have a positive impact on the environment due to water and energy.

Other Stanley Black & Decker use cases include connecting high-end heavy excavators for predictive maintenance, tracking and productivity monitoring, and connected security infrastructure for software updates, intruder detection and alerts, and appropriate responses.

Mike Keogh, President of Stanley-X says: “We embody our sustainability mission to be a force for good by bringing cutting edge technology to rural areas where it has a positive impact to local farmers. We leverage cellular IoT along with renewable energy to expand workable areas for farms, simplify compliance to regulations, conserve natural resources, decrease dependency on fossil fuel, and increase revenue opportunities for farmers. We’re proud to offer improvements to the quality of life of farmers while improving the environment.“

Maria Zesch, CCO Business & Digitalization, T-Mobile Austria, says: “Stanley Black & Decker demonstrates what an innovative company can achieve by combining its products with connectivity to have a positive and sustainable impact productivity and income of farmers. As an operator, we are delighted to help them leverage the connectivity and coverage to meet the needs of the local market and their project.”

Kiva Allgood, Head of IoT, Ericsson says: “Accelerating digital transformation and sustainability is a critical outcome we can deliver by partnering with T-Mobile Austria and Stanley Black & Decker. Leveraging Ericsson IoT Accelerator, a dedicated IoT network, it is possible to promote sustainable agriculture and contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.”

Ericsson IoT Accelerator is the company’s IoT connectivity and device management platform, providing enterprises with a unified solution that manages IoT operations of any scale, using worldwide mobile network infrastructure.

More than 35 service providers, spanning more than 100 countries, are currently part of the Ericsson IoT Accelerator ecosystem. The service currently enables solid, scalable and secure connectivity management of IoT devices to more than 5000 enterprises globally.