Ericsson Strengthens AI-powered Support Services Portfolio

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Ericsson has strengthened its AI-powered Support Services portfolio with unique data-driven capabilities that enable communications service providers to effectively isolate, predict and prevent network issues, helping to ensure an always-on network experience.

The newly launched capabilities cover hardware and software support, including solutions such as Site Analytics, which shift network operations from reactive to pre-emptive actions. The objective: an always-on network.

Network Infrastructure

The portfolio covers three complementary service offerings: Product Support (traditional); Network Support to bring fault isolation for enhanced diagnosis in complex ecosystems including cloud networks; and Service Continuity, for pre-emptive operations to secure always-on networks, based on the Ericsson Network Intelligence platform launched in February this year.

Network Support, powered by Ericsson’s new intelligent data-driven assets and platforms combined with the extensive knowledge of Ericsson experts, helps service providers working to virtualize their network by reducing the risks related to operating in an environment where faults may typically involve multiple hardware and software vendors.

Service Continuity supports service providers in addressing new opportunities in enterprises and industries as this capability minimizes the risk of network performance degradation, allowing service providers to meet their performance commitments. This is done through co-creation between Ericsson and service providers to build use cases in an agile way of working.

By ensuring continued quality of service, especially as networks get more complex, the portfolio will enable communications service providers to pursue new 5G-driven use and business cases.

Identified benefits

This combination of platforms and assets helps to converge information and product data insights into the decision-making process at the frontlines, where and when it is needed most.

Ericsson research, based on live network customer experiences, has identified significant user experience, cost efficiency and environmental benefits for communications service providers:

Up to 50 percent reduction in the overall time it takes to remedy an issue or emergency
Up to 25 percent reduction in site visits by identifying that an issue is not hardware related
Up to 10 percent reduction in the need to climb towers, due to the accurate localization of a fault

Roger O’Hargan, Head of Service Area Networks, Ericsson says: “The best customer experience in a live network comes down to isolating anomalies faster and preventing them altogether. Our ‘technology enhanced by people’ approach leverages our AI/ML capabilities to overcome the traditional limitations in adopting AI analytics. It marks a significant shift in moving from reactive to preemptive operations.”

Proven results in the field

Smart Communications, the wireless unit of the Philippines’ only integrated telco and digital services provider, PLDT, has deployed the new Ericsson Support Services capabilities on a large scale. With easy-to-use mobile applications that collect and correlate real-time network data, field technicians can work remotely and independently, while making faster informed decisions.

Debbie Hu, Head of Network Operations, Smart Communications, says: “Ericsson’s site analytics solution is easily accessible, convenient and easy to use. It is also very practical, especially in the current pandemic, as it allows our teams to perform contactless and effective network diagnostics offsite. We are already seeing promising results with a 20 percent decrease in the number of site visits made monthly.”