Ericsson Puts Spotlight on 5G at Stockholm Tech Summit


Ericsson’s role as an innovation engine for Sweden was a key theme as enterprises, industry and society across the country ramp up their Industry 4.0 digitalization objectives as the world emerges from the covid-pandemic.

Ericsson Chief Technology Officer, Erik Ekudden, highlighted the unparalleled opportunities that sustainable 5G next-generation connectivity will provide for tech innovation during a keynote address at the event.

“We are proud to be a leading technology innovator on the global stage. Our industry has been shaped throughout history by shared innovation with our customers – something we continue to do on a daily basis around the world,” he says. “We are also proud of our role in Sweden, where we have been headquartered and driving tech innovation for more than 140 years, and where 14,000 colleagues work for Ericsson. In addition to the many excellent R&D sites we have in Sweden, we have numerous state-of-the-art R&D facilities around the world.”

He adds: “Sweden has a well-deserved reputation and track record in driving technology advancements. Stockholm Tech Live showed lots of engagement and enthusiasm about the possibilities that 5G can deliver for Sweden, Europe and the world. Ericsson is focused on making sure that they happen.”

Ericsson experts also addressed what life in future smart cities might be like. They also invited delegates to imagine what life may be like in 2030 through a range of use cases in the Imagine Possible Experience. The role of sustainable next-generation connectivity as an enabler of the uses cases was a key talking point at Ericsson event stands, seminars, panel discussions and meetings.