Ercom and Accuver Partner to Bring Network Testing & Emulation One Step Closer to Reality


Global test and measurement companies Ercom and Accuver have announced that they are forming a technical partnership to bring network emulation one step closer to reality.

Ercom’s Mobipass network emulation software is being integrated with Accuver’s XCAL-MTS real-UE-based call-generation test system to address problems experienced by advanced LTE network operators.

“We are excited to partner with a test and measurement provider like Accuver with a large global footprint,” said Yannick Dupuch, CEO of Ercom. “We anticipate strong demand for this joint solution from advanced operators – including many in Korea and Japan – and believe our technically advanced product supporting LTE and LTE-A with carrier aggregation will be well received.”

The new product includes a unified GUI in support of a single integrated lab setup. The joint lab solution includes the specific device type emulation supported by XCAL-MTS with the scale and load testing capabilities of Ercom’s product. Mobipass can support hundreds of simultaneous UE sessions with Layer 1 to Layer 3 analyses. A Korean operator has been selected as the charter customer for the new joint offering.

“Customers with advanced 4G networks are struggling to test their network systems under heavily loaded conditions,” commented Dr. Jinsoup Joung, CEO of Accuver. “Our XCAL-MTS integrated with Mobipass provides customers with a system to stress the capacity of their network system with differing device traffic profiles simulating those found in a deployed network. This combined lab solution provides our customers with tests that are one step closer to reality.”

The first prototype of the integrated product will be demonstrated on Ercom’s stand 7J40 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, March 2-5. Accuver representatives will be available for joint demonstrations.