Equinix Metal, InsidePacket Partner to Deliver Multi-Cloud Network

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Equinix, Inc., the world’s digital infrastructure company™, and InsidePacket, Inc., an end-to-end networking solution provider connecting distributed workloads across private deployments and public clouds; announced the launch of their Multi-Cloud Network on Equinix Metal.

This partnership will provide enterprises with a global hyper-scale network built on Equinix’s backbone incorporating exceptional performance and low-latency connectivity.

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Enterprises are no longer constrained to one location, one environment, and one cloud, with over 80% of businesses pursuing hybrid and multi-cloud strategies.

Equinix Metal and InsidePacket

At the same time, the complexity and cost of securely connecting digital assets across multiple locations and IT environments are rising. This puts excessive operational and financial strain on companies, indicating the need for a complete as-a-service solution delivering on-demand flexibility, ease of operation, observability, and affordability with built-in security and exceptional performance.

The combined solution enables enterprises to easily connect and operate their branch, DC, Edge, Colo, BMaaS, public cloud, and SaaS assets on-demand via readily-available MCN portal. Single-pane-of-glass traffic and application observability and control of the entire network across locations and clouds bring clarity and consistency, eliminating blind spots and dramatically reducing the Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) on any malfunction or incident.

InsidePacket MCN features unified network segmentation, FQDN filtering, threat protection leveraging multi-vendor CTI feed, and inline traffic filtering. The result is the industry’s first “immuned network”, intrinsically capable of countering ransomware and cyberattacks across customer locations and clouds.

“The partnership between Equinix and Insidepacket brings together an on-demand, readily available, scalable, lowest-latency Equinix infrastructure and an automated, consolidated cloud networking and security services, ensuring that all enterprise customer global workloads are visible, manageable, and secured wherever they are”, said Eli Karpilovski, chief executive officer, InsidePacket.

“We are excited by InsidePacket’s integration with Platform Equinix. By leveraging the on-demand infrastructure reach of Equinix Metal with integrated Equinix Fabric, InsidePacket has created robust on-demand multi-cloud connectivity and security as a solution. Digital leaders are seeking ways to make managing high-performance hybrid multi-cloud deployments easier, and InsidePacket’s solution is a powerful example of the solutions available to deploy across Platform Equinix.”, said Zachary Smith, Head of Edge Infrastructure, Equinix.”