Enterprise Riding High on Carrier Ethernet Connectivity


By Zia Askari

When it comes to delivery of business class applications, operator community is looking forward to Carrier Ethernet as a medium to deliver the next generation applications for their enterprise customers

With different enterprise customers looking towards getting better manageability and flexibility when it comes to scaling their communications needs, Carrier Ethernet is fast emerging as one stop solution for the operator community to inject cost-effectiveness inside the communications network of any enterprise. Its unique operations and maintenance features are fast becoming a key differentiation point for operators today.

As more and more enterprise users look at next generation applications that consume greater bandwidth, it becomes increasing important for the enterprise community to look at cost effective and resilient communications infrastructure that can be managed with lesser effort and yet deliver greater quality of service. This is exactly where Carrier Ethernet is becoming a great technological tool.

When enterprise needs resilient communication solutions, Carrier Ethernet is the answer and is all about embracing IP in a unique manner. Typically, it involves Routers, Carrier Ethernet Switches, Network Demarcation devices and optical gear that goes inside the network.

Today’s Enterprise customers are continuously trying to move towards next-generation network and there is a growth in data driven traffic, particularly video traffic from consumer, business, and mobile backhaul networks. All this is pushing operators to incorporate better managed technologies that can handle such astute data demands.

When it comes to the Indian market, global networking majors such as Cisco are playing a very important role in the carrier Ethernet switch, Ethernet IP core router, and Ethernet IP edge router market segments. And on the operator side, organizations such as Tata Communications, Reliance and Bharti Airtel are more than committed towards providing Carrier Ethernet based services for their enterprise customers.

Why Ethernet is Important for Enterprise?

Whether it is a pharmaceutical organization or a banking and finance company, a manufacturing focused company or a retail organization, enterprise coming from various focus areas are increasingly become dependent on high-speed communication highways to drive their connectivity ahead. And this is where they need carrier grade Ethernet reliability and ease of use.

More so, when enterprise community looks for collaboration and communication platforms, they look for better bandwidth solutions which can be driven on Carrier Ethernet in an easy manner. Today, mobility and collaboration focused approach is helping enterprise gain the maximum out of their communications infrastructure and operators find it easy to drive enterprise communications with the help of carrier grade Ethernet.

Picture Courtesy: www.freedigitalphotos.net