Encouraging Innovations: How Vietnam’s VNPT is Supporting Startups


As a key telecommunication and IT enterprise of the country, VNPT is preparing and looking forward to cooperate with Startup to meet the opportunities offered by The Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0.

Being the co-organizer and sponsor of The Vietnamese Talent Awards for the past 13 years, VNPT is keen to create an intellectual, creative playground for the community, bringing innovative products and services to serve for the socio-economic development of the country.

However, in another aspect, VNPT is also a business, also need innovative products and services to provide customers. Therefore, VNPT is very welcome and look forward to cooperating with Startup – the most dynamic and creative force to develop new products and services.

In order to promote this cooperation, VNPT intends to set up an open R&D center with clear, open regulations so that all startups can have ideas, can come and connect.

The VNPT Journey

Born in the Revolution, growing up with the country and maturing over a half century in the telecommunications market, Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group or VNPT is the service provider that laid the first stone for the development of the Posts – Telecommunications sector in Vietnam.

The group has also played an important role in bringing Vietnam into the top 10 nations with highest posts – telecommunications growth rate.

With more than 90,000 employees, advanced telecommunications infrastructure, a service network that covers all 63 provinces and cities, as well as the strong 67-year experience, VNPT has always been offering the market many modern posts, telecommunications and information technology products and services.

These high quality products and services are based on the most advanced technologies and modern telecommunication network, meeting the increasingly diversifed demands of customers.

In the areas of Telecommunications and Information Technology, VNPT provides a wide and comprehensive range of products and services, including voice, data, internet, other value-added services deploying on an advanced network infrastructure and many IT solutions.

By the end of 2012, VNPT is proud for providing services to nearly 10 million landline subscribers, accounting for over 80% of Vietnam’s landline market; more than 80 million mobile subscribers (accounting for over 61% of the mobile market); and nearly 3 million subscribers of the roadband Internet service – MegaVNN and FiberVNN, equivalent to 64% of the total subscribers in this field.

Customer trust will be the driving force that fuels VNPT to continue to offer new value-added products and services with the quality at international standards, maintaining VNPT’s position as a leading telecommunication – IT service provider in Vietnam market.