Emtelle partners with CTTS to offer high-quality FTTx solution training


Emtelle, a global manufacturer of pre-connectorised, blown fibre cable and ducted network solutions, has partnered with Europe’s largest independent training provider in communications cabling and telecommunications technology Cable Telecommunications Training Services Ltd (CTTS) to launch bespoke fibre training for its customers.

Covering the entire chain, from concept through to installation, the collaboration will help customers optimise the performance of their networks with the expertise from Emtelle in developing innovative solutions and CTTS’ experience in delivering all aspects of cabling and telecoms technology training.

The training packages cover the latest blown fibre, ducted and cabling solutions that have been developed and are being deployed around the world. Training on Emtelle’s power protect solution is also available, addressing the shift of power and telecommunications moving closer together to fulfil the requirements of HV and LV duct installation practices, 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT).

“From health and safety, to knowing how to document, install and maintain networks, training is a strong requirement in telecommunications,” said Dave Rames, Field Support Team Leader at Emtelle. “Our partnership with CTTS is a new chapter for us as we further build on our mission to provide our customers with the most reliable and effective fibre and cabling solutions in the market. The range of training we can now offer will make sure our customers’ staff have the skills necessary to ensure that the solutions they are deploying are utilised to the highest possible standard.”

CTTS has been supplying bespoke telecommunications training packages for major network operators for the last 25 years, making it the ideal partner for Emtelle. It offers a variety of packages to Emtelle’s clients looking to develop their skills in fibre placement and provides training on the latest fibre and cable solutions from Emtelle.

“We offer personalised training packages to suit all ranges of experience, taking into account any previous training an individual may have had,” said Martyn Cook, Director at CTTS. “We are delighted to be working with Emtelle and our new partnership caters for the immediate and future needs of customers’ FTTx networks.”

Within the training packages, Emtelle’s customers can choose whether to arrange training at their own premises or at CTTS’ dedicated training centre with overhead, underground and Multi-dwelling units (MDU) / data cabling training areas. In addition, customers have the option to attend Training Needs Analysis (TNA) meetings or bring their own blowing equipment or Gas detector Unit (GDU) and become an expert in the equipment that they use day-to-day.

The available packages range from Emtelle solution-specific training – including the revolutionary pre-connectorised cabling system QWKconnect – to general fibre and cabling training and further industry-related requirements training.