eMotorSports | SmarTone unveils the ‘SmarTone 5G X Fun’

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SmarTone has unveiled the ‘SmarTone 5G X Fun’ Roadshow,
offering an exciting first-hand 5G experience for the general public.

This event was held at New Town Plaza in Shatin from 11-13 July, for a total of 3 days and provided an opportunity for participants to explore the endless potential of 5G technology.

As part of the initiative, multiple experience zones were available such as the Hong Kong first 5G real virtuality eMotorSports, which is a joint op with a local start-up. Players also explored a host of 5G smart applications for everyday lives, including Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), AI and cloud gaming.

As a 5G trailblazer, SmarTone has been paving the way for the new telecommunications era and fostering smart city development in Hong Kong. SmarTone conducted Hong Kong’s first 5G technology demonstrations two years ago.

In March this year, SmarTone went even further pioneering Hong Kong’s first 5G live field trial in two major bands simultaneously. Going forward, SmarTone will launch 5G services next year in major
areas. It is expected that there will be full 5G coverage in 2 years’ time.

Anna Yip, CEO of SmarTone said, “As a leading telecom service provider in Hong Kong, SmarTone has been actively deploying 5G. Today, we are delighted to make the first debut of the ‘SmarTone 5G X Fun’ series. These roadshows offer the public a first-hand
experience to understand 5G and its disruptive power. 5G is characterised by high speed, low latency and massive connectivity which enable more innovative applications for individuals, enterprises and society such as smart transport, logistics, entertainment and medical applications, forming the cornerstone that underpin smart city development in Hong Kong.” Yip continued, “A concerted effort of technology, creativity and talent
contributes to the 5G development. SmarTone is committed to nurturing local talent and encouraging cross-industry collaboration. While new blood have been injecting into our network team for planning and building the 5G network, we partner local start-up to bring Hong Kong the first 5G Real Virtuality eMotorSports.”

‘SmarTone 5G X Fun’ Roadshow Showcases:

1. SmarT Speed
Model cars connected to 5G can respond immediately to an obstacle, due to 5G’s much lower latency and high network speed. In the future, when driverless cars and drones are common, the low latency of 5G will reduce the chance of crashes.

2. SmarT Game

Cloud gaming is a type of gaming based on cloud computing. Games running on cloud servers are delivered to players through the network instantly after video compression.

With 5G’s high speed and huge connectivity, a player can play real-time online games either by themselves or with other players at any time, without worrying about the capability of the handset’s processor or overheating issues due to prolonged handset use.

3. SmarT Fun

With 5G’s low latency and high network speed, a player can monitor the whole process of a doll claw machine on their handset via streaming. They can remotely control the direction of the claw to grab a doll in real time through a virtual control panel, even when
they are not at the location.

4. SmarT Reality

5G connectivity is 20 times faster than the existing 4G, allowing real-time transmission of VR (virtual reality) images via a 5G network. When combining this with AR (augmented reality) technology, the end result is MR (mixed reality). This can create more realistic experiences and fun in games with synchronised videos and movements.

5. SmarT AR

The low latency of 5G allows the combination and interaction of the virtual world and the real world on screens.

6. SmarT AI

As 5G has far more superior latency than 4G, a robot playing the paper-scissors-stone game is able to respond quicker via a 5G network, even using the same AI technology.

In the future, this could potentially resolve the latency problem associated with real-time online games.

7. SmarT Signature

Riding on 5G’s low latency, and making use of the latest AI technology, a robotic arm can simultaneously mimic the movement of a human arm to produce a signature. When this technology fully matures, it will be possible for precision surgery to be performed remotely using a 5G network, connecting surgeons to operating rooms anywhere in the world.

The first round of ‘SmarTone 5G X Fun’ roadshow will take place at Entrance Arena, 1/F, Phase I, New Town Plaza, Shatin from 11-13 July. Public is welcome to join and experience the 5G technology. Participants can also collect digital stamps via phones to
redeem vouchers for buying phone accessories at SmarTone stores. SmarTone will continue to organise roadshows across different malls under Sun Hung Kai Properties.