Elitecore transforms data delivery in a Cricket tournament with Stadium Wi-Fi Solution


A leading Tier-1 Operator in India has implemented Elitecore Wi-Fi Service Management Platform (SMP) to deliver enhanced fan experience with seamless, secured and free Wi-Fi connectivity across a Cricket stadium

With the emergence of Wi-Fi enabled smart devices the demand for data access in private as well as public locations has been excessively increased. Such smart devices with Wi-Fi connectivity are progressively becoming the choice of preference for accessing various high bandwidth applications, photos sharing, high streaming videos, status and location tagging, social media access etc. ubiquitously especially at crowded public areas wherein 3G access becomes cumbersome due to immense traffic leading to heavy congestion.

Looking at the escalating data usage and anticipated demand for data service access at crowded public areas, service providers are now initiating to take the wireless experience at subsequent level and implement a venue differentiator strategy. With users having multiple devices at a time, Service providers are now offering seamless Wi-Fi access at public events such as Sports venues like Stadiums, entertainment events, public gatherings etc. with absolute speed and reliability enabling them with enhanced user experience and let them connect to the external world.


With the endeavor of keeping up with the changing demands of users and transforming their data experience, a leading Tier-1 operator from India seized the opportunity of providing Stadium Wi-Fi Solution in an international Premier Cricket League in India.

The solution enabled the organizers to offer Wi-Fi connectivity with free, secured and reliable high quality Wi-Fi access for the spectators and easy access to their favorite applications and websites while in the Stadium. The solution eased the congestion due to 3G traffic and helped to overcome the immense network clogging which could have hampered the data and even voice calls and text access in such densely crowded events.

“We were particularly impressed with the Elitecore Wi-Fi platform performance and its robustness which seamlessly facilitated reliable and high quality Stadium Wi-Fi offerings catering to exceptional user capacity with minimal turnaround time. It successfully fulfilled the demand of immense data transfer without compromising the user quality of experience.” Explained the Service Provider Spokesperson.


“The flexible and scalable SMP has helped organizers to roll out a unique business model of sponsored Wi-Fi in a Cricket stadium, offer complimentary Wi-Fi Services and manage bandwidth thus helping them grab immense mind share by offering access to user preferred applications and websites and monetize by increasing the stadium footfalls through such innovative solution,” informed, Akshat Joshi, AVP – Wi-Fi Product Management, Elitecore Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

How Elitecore Solution Helped?

Elitecore Wi-Fi SMP helped the operator with Stadium Wi-Fi Solution enabling the event organizers to offer Wi-Fi Services to a large number of concurrent users wherein a spectator aspiring to access Wi-Fi latches onto a pre-defined stadium SSID and gets redirected to a responsive captive portal.

On registering with the user name, email and mobile number, a one-time password (OTP) was sent to registered number and after OTP validation the spectator could log in and use unlimited Wi-Fi services right away to share their location status, upload images on social media, access bandwidth intensive applications and be connected with the outer world. The platform is interoperable with leading Access gateway vendors and preintegrated with operator SMSC for OTP message delivery.

Wi-Fi Service Management Platform Offerings Includes


Captive Portal

Elite Access Controller


Big Benefits for Operator

New revenue growth opportunities with innovative engagement models The novel Solution enables monetization streams for operators through partnerships with various merchandises, advertisers, sponsors, content providers etc. willing to market themselves by customized targeted promotions and branding their offerings at the stadium thus creating new revenue opportunities for operator.

The WiFi solution helps the event sponsor, advertisers, to reach beyond the big screen and display advertisement and brand themselves on smart devices. It can also support promotions of exclusive in-venue content through several stadium specific mobile applications and various merchandises, help end user with location of food joints in stadium, ticket sale, cricket videos etc. thus benefit the operator, the cricket sponsors, advertisers and end users as well.

This solution can also support promotions of exclusive in-venue content through several stadium and event specific customized mobile applications to engage the user and benefit the operator, the cricket sponsors, advertisers and end users as well. At a time when operators look for innovative ways to enhance their revenue from data, WiFi driven solutions like this will go a long way to derive better profitability for operators.

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