Ekinops, LiveAction Announce Technology Integration Partnership

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Ekinops, a supplier of optical transport equipment and enterprise connectivity solutions, and LiveAction, a provider of expert network performance analysis and management, has announced the integration of their technologies to provide service providers with advanced, real-time network performance analytics and value-added services via a combined routing solution.

The solution pairs Ekinops’ field-proven branch routing solutions with LiveAction’s LiveSP program to offer a 360-degree overview of network and application performance. The integrated solution allows service providers to create dynamic dashboards and reports based on application recognition and by measuring network performance metrics, such as application traffic, COS (Class Of Service) information, delay and jitter, allows them to support their enterprise customers’ operational teams in managing performance.

Proximus, a leading Belgian service provider, has successfully deployed the combined technologies on its MPLS service ‘Explore’, helping thousands of enterprises to meet the network infrastructure needs of their business lines with measurable performance delivery.

“The combination of these innovative technologies enabled us to both strengthen and grow our customer relationships. Not only are we offering a new service, but we’ve also been able to showcase the reliability of our connectivity services, all delivered via a simple end-user interface. Access to these new metrics has been invaluable,” commented Tania Defraine, Head of Business Management at Proximus.

Tailored to the needs of service providers, LiveAction’s LiveSP collects advanced reporting metrics from network devices and translates valuable information to end-users, enabling network and application performance monitoring. Combined with Ekinops’ customer premises equipment (CPE) portfolio and embedded OneOS6 middleware, routers can easily activate sophisticated built-in services such as Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) intelligence, firewalls, SD-WAN and SBC, while also providing related performance metrics.

“With this compelling technology integration, service provider partners can easily create additional value-added services for their customers while leveraging existing Ekinops access infrastructure,” comments Damien Defer, SP Sales Director at LiveAction. “Our collaboration enables us to offer them a unique opportunity to differentiate, safeguard revenues and elevate offerings to a more flexible, application-based portfolio.”

“Going up market by delivering higher value-added solutions is at the heart of Ekinops’ mission. And increasingly, insights into network and application performance are critical to this market,” commented Sylvain Quartier, VP Marketing and Access Product Strategy at Ekinops. “By pooling our expertise, we’ve been able to define a solution that empowers service providers to remain competitive and tap into new revenues, without huge additional infrastructure costs.”