EE Unveils Smart WiFi Home Broadband Service

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EE has launched a new Smart WiFi home broadband service, designed to boost the WiFi coverage in every room of a customer’s home.

The new Smart WiFi home solution includes a new Smart Router, Smart WiFi Discs and inclusive 4GEE WiFi Mini – helping customers to stay connected at home and while out and about, and is perfect for the third of Brits who recently revealed in a survey that their current router doesn’t provide WiFi coverage across their entire house.

EE’s new Smart Router contains EE’s smartest home broadband technology to date, helping to boost coverage to more parts of any home. The router is simple to set up and customers can add Smart WiFi Discs to boost the WiFi connection throughout their home.

All customers will receive one Smart WiFi Disc at point of purchase and can increase this to up to three discs throughout their plan. Each disc can support up to 60 devices, which is ideal for the 36% of Brits who report having to move their router, or get closer to it, to get a better WiFi connection in the home. It also means the pain-points of WiFi not reaching rooms and having to move to be closer to the router will be a thing of the past.

4GEE WiFi Mini

Customers who take out Smart WiFi with EE, also receive the 4GEE WiFi Mini with access to the UK’s biggest and fastest 4G network. Thanks to its portability, customers can take this with them on the go, so that they can access WiFi wherever they are with a free 2GB of data each month.

And in the rare event a customer has a problem with their home broadband, EE will boost the data allowance on their 4GEE WiFi Mini with 250GB of extra data until it is resolved.

New EE Home app

Thanks to the new EE Home app, setup of new Smart Router and Smart WiFi Discs is incredibly easy, and it helps customers to optimise their home WiFi experience. Once a customer is up and running, they can then use it to manage their connection and see which devices are connected at any given time, no matter where they are in the house.

The app allows customers to set access controls and set up device groups that can be controlled separately. Parents will be able to set up a ‘children’s device’ group and manage the times that those devices are connected, turning off connectivity around bedtime.

Sharon Meadows, Director of Propositions, Consumer, EE said: “Smart WiFi is the first in a number of exciting new services from EE, designed to ensure customers really can get the most out of their broadband connectivity in the home. With even greater numbers of customers and devices connecting to WiFi, it will help eliminate those areas in the home where it’s hard to get coverage and enable customers to make the most out of being connected – whether it’s in a new extension, attic room or even the basement”.