edotco Malaysia’s tower powers Orang Asli community clinic in Cameron Highlands

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edotco Malaysia recently deployed a telecommunications tower in the off-grid Pos Lemoi, Camron Highlands orang asli settlement in support of the national connectivity agenda. The region of Pos Lemoi has no reliable access to electricity and previously, no connectivity.

Extending presence beyond enabling connectivity, edotco Malaysia channeled power from its telecommunications tower to the Klinik Statik Pos Lemoi, which is strategically located mere metres away.

The Klinik Statik Pos Lemoi was depending on an ageing solar system to power its bi-monthly operations prior to edotco MalaysiaŐs presence. This community clinic which is used by doctors who visit the outpost twice a month also serves as the base for the visiting dentist and environmental health team.

Power channeled from edotcoŐs tower now provides a reliable source of electricity for the refrigeration system in the clinic. This ensures medicines and vaccines are properly stored in a controlled temperature, prolonging lifespan and viability.

edotco Group Chief Regional Officer, Wan Zainal Adileen said, “This initiative in Pos Lemoi echoes our Tower to Community efforts as a way edotco improves living conditions of the communities in the vicinity of our towers. Our infrastructure does not only address their connectivity needs, enabling better access to information and knowledge especially for the school adjacent to the clinic, it also empowers them with improved healthcare for enhanced quality of life. Medicines in particular vaccines are sensitive and require proper refrigeration. A stable power supply addresses the vaccine cold chain system to benefit the Pos Lemoi community. This project demonstrates our commitment to nation building by also contributing positively to the communities in a very direct and tangible manner.”

Beyond the orang asli of Kampung Lemoi, Klinik Statik Pos Lemoi also serves the residents of surrounding Kampung Telimau and Kampung Chenan Cherah. With the commute to the nearest town, Ringlet taking 2 hours via an off-road trail, the community clinic is an important lifeline that provides regulated healthcare to close to 600 orang asli there.

The telecommunication infrastructure in Pos Lemoi is one of the 10,000 towers owned and managed by edotco Malaysia across the country. This deployment is part of edotcoŐs Tower to Community programme to improve the quality of life of the communities that live near edotco towers.