edotco, JTOWER partner to advance next-generation telecommunication solutions

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edotco Group, an end to end integrated telecommunications infrastructure services company, and JTOWER Inc, a company specializing in in-building mobile infrastructure sharing services based in Japan, have entered into a strategic collaboration to advance the capabilities of their next-generation connectivity offerings in the areas of small cells telecommunications infrastructures and in-building network solutions (“IBS”).

This partnership enables both parties to capitalise on their respective expertise and resources to provide enhanced small cells, IBS service and macro towers offerings. Both parties will also converge their technological and deployment capabilities to improve competitiveness in markets they operate in.

Suresh Sidhu, Chief Executive Office of edotco Group said, “By partnering with an established IBS firm like JTOWER, we are able to merge our industry knowledge and further boost our next-generation technology portfolio. This is essential in meeting the growing coverage and capacity demands in the region. We are always looking to continuously innovate and offer best-in-class solutions, setting ourselves as preferred strategic partners for nations in fulfilling their connectivity ambitions.”

“The collaboration comes on the back of the rapid increase in data usage and traffic in the region as more markets gear up for 5G rollouts. In order to meet the capacity requirements and provide ubiquitous connectivity to mobile users, networks need to be supplemented with scalable state-of-the-art solutions such as small cells and IBS, especially in dense and high traffic areas such as office buildings, shopping malls, and airports” he added.

Atsushi Tanaka, Representative Director of JTOWER shared, “It is a great honor to collaborate with edotco, the largest independant tower company in Southeast Asia. Together with edotco, we are looking forward to expanding our technology footprint across the Southeast Asia region. Through knowledge sharing and collaboration with edotco, we can contribute to not only In-building network sharing but also outdoor tower sharing in Japan. We hope to not only create greater value for our clients but also drive industry efforts towards creating more digital opportunities within and outside of Japan. We believe that this collaboration will maximize the value we bring to our stakeholders”

edotco is committed to empowering greater connectivity with tailor-made innovative solutions that meets the diverse telecommunication needs across the six markets in which they operate, including Malaysia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.