Edgecore Debuts 64-port 400G Open Networking Switches

Edgecore Networks Logo

Edgecore Networks, an enabler in open networking solutions, has announced its showcase products for the OCP Global Summit to further empower the potential of open networks.

At the OCP summit, Edgecore will showcase its new open platforms, including 64-port 25.6T 400G open networking switches for hyperscale data centers, and complete end-to-end service provider solutions for edge access, aggregation, and core networks, as well as new enterprise 1G switches.

Facing the high growth of video streaming and video conferencing today, hyperscale data center providers are demanding upgrades to their infrastructure. Edgecore’s DCS520, which is based on Broadcom’s StrataXGS Tomahawk4 chipset, provides a high-port density of 64 ports in a 2U compact design with a 25.6Tb/s network fabric, meeting the requirements of low latency, load balancing, and telemetry management. This product enables hyperscale data center providers to upgrade their networks to meet the challenging demands of video streaming and video conferencing in today’s networks, including advanced use cases, easy management and the deployment of Edgecore SONiC professional services. The DCS520 solution delivers greater efficiency, at a lower cost per bit, with lower power helping providers reach sustainability goals.

Heimdall Siao, President of Edgecore Networks says, “Transforming the way the world connects is more than a slogan to Edgecore. At Edgecore, we offer open network solutions across all network layers, into a broad range of end-to-end solutions for specific deployment cases, ranging from broadband access, edge computing, mobile backhaul, and edge switching. We develop a turnkey ecosystem of hardware and software networking platforms for service providers to unlock the potential of open networking and release a new service experience across mobile and multi-cloud landscapes.”

Edgecore Networks offers end-to-end open network solutions from access, aggregation, to the core network, helping operators to optimize their network architecture and service experience. Service providers are rapidly building new capacity to respond to the high-bandwidth connectivity and demands of new services and subscribers. To support this evolution of mobile networks, the infrastructure must evolve to support higher speed interfaces, precise timing and synchronization, and high reliability. Edgecore’s compact, temperature-hardened cell site routers, high-performance aggregation routers, and core router series are purpose-built to address these challenges, giving a choice of different software and control of their network infrastructure.

At the OCP Global Summit 2022, Booth C22, Edgecore will share its latest hardware and software innovations for data center, telecom, and enterprise network deployments – energizing the potential of open networks.