Friday, September 22, 2023
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Edge of Innovation: Telia, Ericsson and Intel showcase AR and 5G

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Telia teamed up with Ericsson and Intel to show 800 business customers how Augmented Reality and 5G can open up for innovative solutions and opportunities.

Higher throughput and lower latency brought by the new mobile technology 5G opens up a completely new world of possibilities for AR and real-time video streaming solutions. Customers at the Telia Connect2Business event in Stockholm today took the opportunity to try out a futuristic experience with AR glasses.

They could instantly see an overlay of information about objects in the room in AR and got the ability to see through physical objects similar to x-ray vision – or the superhero power of seeing what is hidden behind the wall.

The AR experience demonstrated was run over 5G, enabled by Telia’s network, with Ericsson’s 5G trial system and base station technology connecting to the Intel 5G mobile trial platform. This gave those wearing the glasses a virtual visual overlay on the actual booths and furniture at the venue, as well as an overlay of the water pipes inside a physical wall.

Benefits for businesses and consumers
With the introduction of 5G, the real uptake in AR and VR applications can truly begin. 5G can assure the massive capacity at low latency needed to realize these services in mass- market volumes. AR and VR applications running on 5G will span both business and consumer use cases, as demonstrated with the augmented or added overlay, on physical objects. Imagine the productivity increase when seeing assembly instructions as you are building something, or using x-ray vision provided by an overlay to “see” what is inside a wall. On the consumer side, mass-market applications such as AR gaming, navigation assistance and new kinds of educational content can be realized.

From egosystem to ecosystem
Today’s AR showcase was one of several ecosystem partner demonstrations at the Telia event aimed at informing and inspiring customers to drive and develop their businesses in a smart and connected world and carried the theme, “From Ego system to Eco system.”

Becoming 5G-ready is not only about building a new network -it’s also about a new way of thinking and imagining what a mobile network can be. That is why Telia is continuously focused on developing new mobility use cases with an ecosystem of partners and helping customers harness the amazing power of 5G.

In 2016, Telia and Ericsson announced a joint roadmap that aims to let Telia customers experience 5G services in 2018 in Tallinn and Stockholm. In the autumn of 2017, Telia deployed the first public 5G live network use cases in Europe in collaboration with Ericsson and Intel Corporation – a high-speed 5G connection to a commercial passenger cruise ship while in port and a construction excavator remotely controlled with a live 5G network.