Ecuador’s Banco del Pacifico Taps Alepo to launch free in-branch WiFi


Known for revolutionizing the finance industry of Ecuador, Banco del Pacifico has joined hands with core network and IT software solutions provider Alepo to launch free WiFi in all its branches in Ecuador.

The bank is currently in the process of implementing the solution, set to begin in Guayaquil, Ecuador, with the opening of a prototype experience center by the end of May 2018. This will serve as a model for other branches to follow.

Banco del Pacifico’s existing customers, as well as guests, will have access to the free WiFi, with a login option prompting users to download the bank’s mobile app. Alepo’s solution will offer the flexibility to differentiate between users, so bank customers will receive updates on existing services, while casual users receive promotions for becoming a customer. Bank customers will be able to sign in using their personal identification.

Banco del Pacifico, and system integrator DOS, have brought in Alepo to provide a cloud-based solution that supports the necessary layers of security for a financial institution. Alepo will deploy its complete WiFi solution, including AAA, captive portal, analytics and reporting, location management, and additional modules.

“In 2017, we conducted 16 million transactions using mobile devices, and we’ve set our targets even higher for 2018. Our goal is to digitally transform the bank. Offering free WiFi to our customers will be another step in this direction,” said Fabian Barboza, Manager of Technology, Banco del Pacifico.

When visiting a branch, access to WiFi enhances customer experience, providing general internet and increasing accessibility to the bank’s services. By giving employees the opportunity to demonstrate firsthand the mobile and internet banking services they offer, branch interactions between customers and staff will improve, creating a more casual, friendly environment. An environment that banks across the world are working towards.

“Banco del Pacifico has proved year after year that it is an innovative and forward-thinking organization, and we’re pleased to work with them on implementing this new solution that will continue their move towards digitalization. WiFi does more than provide internet; it connects customers to the bank, streamlining and digitizing their branch experience. We feel that the readily available APIs and the ease of customization were a key factor in our technology being chosen,” said Juan Ricardo Espinosa, Director of LATAM at Alepo.

Key Benefits of Alepo’s Solution

Integration: Customized platform that can integrate with the bank; national ID used to authenticate banking customers.

Flexibility: Provides a different experience depending on whether the user is a bank customer or a casual user. Promotions and surveys customized based on customer type.

Security: Optional multifactor authentication; pervasive encryption; API-level security.

Analytics: Gives the bank the ability to collect advanced analytics about WiFi users, including device information and browsers.