ECI Extends 5G Capabilities with the Launch of 1022 5G Portfolio


Specifically tailored for 5G, the 1022 is perfect for expanding capacity in the metro access with an eye on the demands of 5G in the near future

ECI®, a global provider of ELASTIC Network® solutions for service providers, critical infrastructures and data center operators, announces the launch of 1022, the first of the company’s end-to-end portfolio tailored for 5G.

Designed as a cell site router, the 1022 combines high capacity in a small form factor, making it a perfect choice for expanding capacity in the metro. Its multi-service, Elastic MPLS capabilities ensure customers can support current, future and legacy services on one platform. While its support for network slicing, class C and D synch capabilities and open NetConf/Yang interfaces make it fully ready for any 5G environment, today.

5G is here, and there is little doubt that 5G services will place increasing demands on the transport network. Network requirements such as timing and sync, higher-speed interfaces, end-to-end programmability have become more challenging. Networks must remain flexible to support a variety of 5G service types, such as eMBB, uRRLC and mMTC, optimally and cost-efficiently.

Moreover, 5G networks will need to move beyond ‘best effort’ in their ability to provide deterministically assured services, dynamically. As networks operators continue to expand and evolve their networks to meet capacity demands, they must keep in mind these advancing requirements of 5G transport networks.

“As carriers prepare for the step change that 5G demands, we understand that the transition to a fully compliant 5G transport network can be both complex and CapEx heavy. That is why our solutions easily traverse the divide between current and future. We want customers to know that ECI is here to help them adjust their infrastructure effortlessly and cost-effectively,” said Jimmy Mizrahi, ECI’s EVP and Head of Global Portfolio. “The 1022 marries form and function with its unique capabilities for easy migration, future-proof multiservice, and network slicing while ensuring carrier-grade redundancy and service assurance. Class C and D synch capabilities mean stringent timing control, and open interfaces ensure it can be deployed in any network, brownfield or green. This is the first of our 5G dedicated products and solutions to be launched. The rest will follow in the coming months.”

The 1022 is the next evolution of ECI’s Neptune product line, inheriting its multiservice, Elastic MPLS capabilities that allow customers to support current, future and legacy services on a single platform. Its front access, extended temperature range make it equally at home at a cell site or operating as an access device for a substation. With such a rich and robust feature set, the 1022 is well-suited for a variety of applications and networking scenarios, regardless of the sector. Like all of ECI’s products, the 1022 lends itself to ECI’s intuitive network management suite.