EchoStar Mobile, Jersey Telecom bring ubiquitous hybrid network to Europe


EchoStar Mobile has announced a partnership with Jersey Telecom (JT). The aim of the collaboration is to offer IoT and mobile customers in Europe and the United Kingdom a fully-fledged hybrid solution for mobile communications via satellite and mobile phone networks.

EchoStar Mobile combines its European satellite cellular service for the S-band range with JT’s 4G platform. The result is a cellular network with roaming functionality as part of the new SYNERGY service suite from EchoStar.

With the industry’s first hybrid solution, EchoStar Mobile SYNERGY is bringing an interface onto the market that allows all functions to be managed via one and the same terminal and a single subscription. The network solution uses the satellite and mobile phone network at the same time for connectivity.

The result is a comprehensive and cost effective hybrid solution for users across Europe and across the UK. This means that all applications, users and devices achieve the best possible connectivity – whether at a fixed location or on the go,

“The planning and implementation of the digitization strategy continues continuously in the various industries, companies and application developers. The demand for simple, highly reliable networks has never been greater than it is today,” says, Telemaco Melia, who manages business processes at EchoStar Mobile.” By working with JT, we create the optimal conditions for our customers’ technological strategies, and that independently We don’t need any complex technical systems for this. We also avoid the horrendous prices that are often associated with mobile satellite services and hybrid solutions for communication.”

“There is an unprecedented need for solutions for ubiquitous data exchange across all borders and networks in Europe. And there is still no end to the trend in sight as companies want to optimize their IoT systems, “explains Barna Kutvolgyi, Executive Director of JT International.” In this partnership, we are managing the comprehensive functions of the JT platform with industry-leading technologies from EchoStar Mobile. This gives us one and simple advanced solution for EchoStar Mobile customers across Europe with comprehensive coverage. ”

Via EchoStar Mobile

EchoStar Mobile is an Irish company. The company is headquartered in the UK, while a data center is located in Griesheim, Germany. The operator provides mobile networks throughout Europe via an integrated satellite and antenna network.

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