DZS Unveils Helix Portfolio with 10 Gig-class, Wi-Fi 6 Systems

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DZS, a global enabler of optical and packet-based mobile transport, broadband connectivity, and software defined network solutions, has launched DZS Helix Edge Access portfolio.

Featuring one of the industry’s largest collections of feature-rich fiber termination points as well as residential/enterprise gateways and Wi-Fi systems, the new DZS Helix portfolio includes support for 10 gig-class hyper-broadband services, Wi-Fi 6, and managed access network support all the way to the premise edge and beyond.

When combined with open and standards-based DZS Cloud analytics, orchestration, and service management, DZS customers have the decision-support and management tools to extend the managed access network from the core to consumer/enterprise connected device and to launch new services rapidly.

This combination creates extraordinary service visibility and end-user experience control and the ability to dramatically improve the end-user broadband service experience efficiently and effectively, even if the customer premises equipment (CPE) already in place is not made by DZS. A variety of new DZS Helix Edge Access products featuring Wi-Fi 6, Power over Ethernet support, 10 gig-class services support, and EasyMesh will be introduced and on display at the Fiber Connect 2021 Conference & Exposition taking place in Nashville, Tennessee July 26 and 27.

“Market forces such as Wi-Fi 6, enhanced mobile broadband, mmWave UE and Fixed Wireless Access have changed the rules of connectivity and are defining a new domain in the network – the access edge that is the point of convergence where the access network, the home network, the end-user broadband-enabled device, and the data that informs the quality of the service intersect at the end user to define the user experience,” said Daniel Won, Chief Product Officer at DZS. “By delivering functionality and visibility from the cloud to the access edge, DZS Helix complemented by DZS Cloud wraps around the end-user experience and arms service providers with the critical infrastructure and data/analytics they need to maximize broadband speeds, build agility into their infrastructure, lower churn, and deliver on the promise of brilliant buildings and hyper-connectivity. Our experience gleaned from shipping millions of edge access units every year globally to many Tier 1 service providers as well as aggressive alternate providers gives us the scope, scale, and insights to deliver cutting-edge solutions that are as easy to operate, troubleshoot, and maintain as they are vehicles for new revenue streams and exceptional broadband experiences to our customers.”

The DZS Helix Edge Access portfolio is comprised of G- and X-series fiber termination points, residential/enterprise and Wi-Fi gateway systems, W-series mesh access points, and an emerging R-series of LTE/5G residential and enterprise gateways. With these intelligent products that can interface via 2.5 gig and 10 gig-class technologies at the residential/enterprise premises, service providers can move beyond traditional triple-play offerings and quickly and efficiently introduce, manage, troubleshoot and improve new value-added services such as multi-gig-speed internet, IPTV, VoIP, managed Wi-Fi, EasyMesh and Wi-Fi extensions, home security, cloud-connected smart home IoT, home office/videoconferencing and over-the-top (OTT) services.

The broad DZS Helix portfolio drives service value at various solution domains with extensive flexibility, allowing users to map DZS premises products to their needs:

Fiber Termination: High performance but cost-effective, DZS fiber termination points enable utility-like always-on connectivity – similar to electricity or water – to broadband-enabled IOT devices and their end-users. Offering a range of speeds measured in megabits per second all the way to 10 gigabits per second, DZS fiber termination points support integrated fiber management, and options for extended temperature operation. Some devices are ideal for high density urban deployments, including work-from-home/SOHO networks where customers require cost-effective, reliable high-speed internet (5222XG / 5228XG), while others suitable for extreme environments can be installed in an outdoor enclosure (5225A / M1100).

Service Assurance: DZS Edge Access solutions offer a set of advanced troubleshooting capabilities and tools that ensure delivery of critical services, including Internet, voice and IPTV. With DZS CPE Manager, users have remote access and visibility to performance monitoring, transport of services, voice services with SIP and MGCP, as well as industry standard TR-143 speed testing and more.
Advanced Services and Whole Building Coverage: Supported by Wi-Fi 6, DZS systems are optimized to offer carrier-grade Wi-Fi, home network management and intelligent CPE capabilities, including support for multi-user MIMO and OFDMA, Ethernet-based fiber termination points, 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports and Easy Mesh R2.0. When combined with DZS Cloud, the DZS Helix portfolio enables advanced decision tools, analytics and client management, including new tools for customer care, demand generation and service creation. DZS also offers software solutions that are configurable and hardware neutral, easy to install and ensure quality of service, prioritization of data and video content, and unified management.
“Lowering the total cost of doing business is paramount for service providers,” said Eric Wulfsberg, Senior Director of Product Line Management at DZS. “DZS Helix serves as the link between the network and customers’ devices, providing high performance, carrier-grade, cost-effective, standards-based fiber termination points and wireless solutions to provide a whole home experience that is reliable and future proof services. It also enables, when complemented by DZS Cloud, management and visibility of home network for identifying performance and connectivity issues while reducing customer calls/complaints and truck rolls to allow service providers to focus on selling new services and enhancing the customer experience.”

In order to meet the needs of enterprise customers deploying Passive Optical Networks in their buildings, the DZS Helix portfolio includes fiber termination points certified for Metro Ethernet Forum, offering high levels of commercial viability and standards for business services. With fiber termination points capable of remote powering devices utilizing Power over Ethernet (POE) technology, the DZS Helix portfolio represents the next generation of intelligent connected devices for FiberLAN systems and is a key enabler behind tomorrow’s brilliant buildings – from rural to city environments. They also serve as the gateway between network gear and the customer premises as 5G becomes a growing means of service delivery.