DZS Participates in O-RAN ALLIANCE PlugFest

O-RAN Alliance

DZS, a global enabler in access and optical edge networking infrastructure and cloud edge software solutions, has announced its participation in three O-RAN ALLIANCE Global PlugFest Fall 2022 venues, in partnership with a number of the world’s largest mobile operators across the U.S., Europe, and Japan.

This successful multi-vendor testing regime includes a total of 80 participating companies for Fall 2022, underscoring the rapidly growing momentum behind Open RAN (O-RAN) standards and technology globally.

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“As an established member and strong supporter of the O-RAN ALLIANCE, DZS has been a major advocate for openness and freedom of choice, and is honored to play a key role in multiple PlugFest events taking place in the coming weeks around the world,” said Andrew Bender, CTO, DZS. “From the ongoing success and expansion of these PlugFests, to analysts’ growing projections for O-RAN adoption, and scaled real-world adoption by carriers like Rakuten Mobile, there is compelling validation in the successful application of O-RAN technology for critical 5G use cases with fronthaul, midhaul, and backhaul mobile transport provided by DZS.”

According to Omdia, the market for Open and Virtual RAN (“Open vRAN”) technology – including systems implementing O-RAN ALLIANCE architectures and standards – is the fastest-growing segment of the overall RAN market over the next five years. Growth projections in the market have skyrocketed, with Omdia’s year-over-year projections for Open vRAN revenue over the next four years increasing 65%. Omdia also projects that by 2026, Open vRAN systems will represent 16% of the overall RAN market, a 128% increase representing $23.5 billion of spending over the next five years.

O-RAN ALLIANCE Global PlugFests have been key in promoting the development of the O-RAN ecosystem through well-organized integration and testing activities, building market confidence for this technology. Each PlugFest site emphasizes different O-RAN use cases and test priorities to help drive the evolution and refinement of open, standards-based mobile infrastructure that stands to radically change costs and capabilities for both greenfield and established networks.

Recently released public details of the O-RAN Global PlugFest Fall 2022 identify over 80 organizations and participating vendors across 6 total venues. Upon conclusion, the O-RAN ALLIANCE will share test results at the O-RAN PlugFest Virtual Showcase.

DZS solutions made available for testing at the O-RAN Global PlugFest Fall 2022 include:

The new DZS M4000 Converged Transport Switch System supporting O-RAN ALLIANCE defined Open FrontHaul and transport interfaces for indoor and outdoor macrocell RAN deployment scenarios with PTP/SyncE features, embedded GPS / GNSS receiver and synchronization source capability, as well as full-featured xHaul and cell site router functionality

The recently expanded DZS C1200 series of environmentally hardened Open Fronthaul Gateways featuring built-in GPS / GNSS and network timing support

DZS E-series xHaul systems, which provide mobile-ready, high-powered PoE switching and aggregation for 1000Base-T, 5GBase-T, and 10GBase-T connected small cells and access points used in indoor coverage scenarios

DZS will also provide expert support on-site and/or remotely for set-up and testing, and to facilitate multivendor interoperation of the systems provided for multiband RU to DU, integrated RU+DU to CU, or CU to 5GC connectivity, using 10/25/40/50/100 Gbps optical interfaces.

With a progressive business strategy centered on empowering service providers and network operators through open standards, cloud-based solutions and freedom of choice, DZS technology is at the core of some of the world’s largest and most innovative 5G and O-RAN deployments. Besides serving as the exclusive fronthaul solution provider in Rakuten Mobile’s fully virtualized, cloud-native O-RAN 5G mobile network, DZS is partnered with the Rakuten Symphony ecosystem and is now also supporting a major O-RAN deployment in Europe. Commitment to the O-RAN architectural model is just one example of how DZS is enabling service providers worldwide to reap the cost, manageability and subscriber experience benefits of flexible, scalable, and interoperable wireless and converged broadband networks.