Why drones are important for next gen enterprise today?



Thinking about Drones, conjures up scenes of warzones and military warfare – well not anymore, next generation drones are not just meant for the covert operations but are set to become more than a friend for next generation enterprise community. Here is how.

Even though it is true that today, most of the highly advanced drone systems patrol the skies of the Afghanistan region, the Middle East and South Asia, but today’s automated flight technology has taken new flight forms and is set to drive new age enterprise realm towards enabling better control on their day to day operations such as surveillance and gathering specialized information.

In the US, Amazon has already announced its plans to have drones delivering its parcels right at the doorsteps of its customers. These small form factored flying objects are ideally poised to deliver critical information especially in the unmanned locations of the terrain.

As India has a lot of such difficult to access geographical areas (naxal affected areas) where it is not easy to go physically, such drone systems can pin point location based information and also guide the enterprise for due course of action.

Today, there are so many applications for drones, from simple surveillance to search and rescue, wildlife monitoring and geological 3D mapping, agriculture, sea farming and also map inaccessible hilly areas with much more easy and finesse.

In one such example, a drone system can be mapped with cell phone information and then trace the location of the user with pin point accuracy. We have seen how difficult it can get to trace fugitives, for instance in the case of the recent Narayan Sai case, the police took a good two months to locate and arrest him. In such scenarios, automated small form factor drones can do the job much more easily and swiftly.

Also quite relevant in a country like India, remotely operated and GPS-enabled drone systems can help towards monitor storm systems in the coastal areas, assist in search-and-rescue operations, search power outage systems and in the process become a unique and reliable asset for the enterprise segment.

Picture Courtesy: www.freedigitalphotos.net