DISH Taps Intrado for 5G Wireless 911 Call Routing Solution

Network Infrastructure

Intrado Corporation, and DISH Network Corporation has announced an agreement for 911 call routing to support DISH’s cloud-native 5G wireless service, the first of its kind in the U.S.

Successfully routing and delivering a 911 call is a foundational and vital requirement for any wireless communication network. Selecting Intrado for end-to-end 911 call delivery is an important milestone in DISH’s buildout of a truly unique 5G network, while helping public safety advance with the latest communications technologies.

“We selected Intrado based on their longstanding reputation as a trusted provider of world class 911 solutions for both the telecommunications and public safety industries,” said Jeff McSchooler, DISH executive vice president of wireless network operations. “As the newest nationwide wireless carrier in the U.S., we want to ensure our customers have access to the most reliable emergency response infrastructure available.”

“Innovation that is based on sound knowledge, vast experience, and superior attention to detail ensures continued delivery of advanced 911 solutions,” said Jeff Robertson, president of Intrado’s Life & Safety division. “Working with a progressive partner such as DISH allows Intrado to continue to accelerate our pace of innovation to serve the expanding needs for 911 service in the 5G space.”

Intrado provides over 60% of all 911 call routing in the United States and Canada. Over 250 Originating Services Providers (OSPs) depend on Intrado to simplify 911 location data management and 911 call routing, while satisfying compliance requirements efficiently and cost-effectively. For more information about Intrado’s Life & Safety continuum of products that support the safety of the public, businesses, and education institutions, visit