DISH selects DigitalRoute to enable 5G monetization


DISH has chosen DigitalRoute’s cloud-native Usage Data Platform to monetize new 5G services and complex business models.

“DigitalRoute offers us a real-time event engine, purpose built for complex usage-based business models that will help us monetize our 5G services and build a new 5G marketplace for enterprise customers,” said Atilla Tinic, Chief Information Officer, DISH. “As 5G business models evolve, DigitalRoute’s cloud-native capabilities give us the flexibility needed to support a wide variety of businesses and industries.”

DigitalRoute’s vendor-agnostic platform will seamlessly integrate with DISH’s network systems to manage and orchestrate the network events generated by new 5G services. It will equip revenue and customer platforms with enriched, real-time usage data for monetization and analytics purposes.

The solution provides enterprise-level capabilities and will play a key role as DISH monetizes network slicing to enterprise customers, enabling new business models across the 5G ecosystem.

“We are honored to be partnering with DISH and recognized for our leadership in building innovative software for monetizing usage-based business models, in which all challenges are ultimately data challenges,” said Andreas Zartmann, CEO, DigitalRoute. “Working with DISH, we will be supporting one of the most exciting 5G opportunities in the world.”

“The monetization of 5G services will be complex and continuously evolving,” added Zartmann. “It will require usage data to be processed from disparate network slices, from the edge, from data centers and from various service applications and APIs. Our platform brings this all together to enable the complex scenarios of the future. The time when telecoms only charge per gigabyte is over.”