Digital Transformation: TM Forum Unveils CurateFx Ecosystem Productivity Tool


New cloud-based tool based on TM Forum best practices and standards enables users to make faster, more confident and highly collaborative decisions around complex business scenarios

TM Forum, the industry association driving digital business transformation of the communications industry, has released CurateFx, a collaborative, cloud-based enterprise software service used by communications service providers and companies partnering in ecosystem development to systematically capture the definition and design of complex digital business models.

Co-creation and collaboration between partners – who create new ecosystems and platforms to rapidly build and deploy services that can scale and adapt to different customer needs – has become the norm in the digital world.

Yet mapping the interactions between partners to clearly understand complex business and technology relationships has become a major challenge for many businesses. To tackle these challenges, TM Forum has defined a common language and common methodology over the last several years, and now with CurateFx, this proven expertise and experience is available as an easy-to-use cloud-based tool.

With a series of capabilities including the powerful Ecosystem Designer, CurateFx provides users with step-by-step blueprints, information-based decision tools, visualization maps and collaborative capabilities. Built on the foundation of TM Forum’s Frameworx, Partnering Toolkit and Open APIs, CurateFx addresses key roadblocks that arise when companies attempt to define, design and enable digital services that are delivered with partners in a truly innovative, repeatable and scalable fashion.

In the complex world of digital ecosystem development and management, CurateFx provides users with:

· A tangible and measurable means to increase velocity in exploring and designing new business models through its repeatable and sharable methodologies

· The ability to reduce the time to define new ecosystems by driving agreement among stakeholders across companies through short-circuiting siloed conversations

· Deeper business and IT collaboration through the use of built-in TM Forum common language, greatly reducing risk in implementation enabled by more detailed and clearer scope definition

Given its collaborative capabilities, CurateFx benefits communications service providers as well as any company that is participating in ecosystems and needs to iteratively co-create definitions of products that they are delivering to their customers. Further, consultants and systems integrators benefit by accelerating scoping and the rollout of new services for their clients.

“Accelerating digital transformation through effective partnering, co-creation and the development of profitable new ecosystems is critical to success in today’s market,” said Nik Willetts, CEO, TM Forum. “By providing an innovative way to explore new business models, marketplaces and approaches to delivering new products and services, based on proven frameworks and methodologies, CurateFx will be a powerful tool in the hands of our members.”

CurateFx is currently in use by 28 of the 32 Catalyst proof-of-concept projects that are exhibiting at TM Forum Live! this week, and models can be experienced by delegates visiting the kiosks in the Catalyst Zones. Further details will be provided in the TM Forum Zone, a destination for delegates to experience the benefits of TM Forum membership in person.

CurateFx is developed in collaboration with TM Forum member company Tr3dent who also worked closely with the Forum on the Frameworx 3D Model & Viewer.


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