Digital Transformation: NEC Taps Solace PubSub+ to drive data connectivity

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NEC Corporation and Solace Corporation, a Canada-based developer of message broker products, have announced a global partnership in the development and provision of data connectivity.

In recent years, digital transformation has become a major theme for businesses throughout the world, and in order to successfully implement this digital transformation through advanced ICT, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), high-added value is required, including flexible, optimal, and safe connectivity, as well as reliable networks to support it.

In line with this implementation, the number of connected devices and systems is rapidly growing and cross-industrial linkage is quickly expanding. Against this backdrop, connection requirements for devices and systems, such as interfaces and protocols, are becoming increasingly diversified and complex.


In order to address this issue, a new mechanism connected by data between devices and systems is needed, in addition to a conventional network to launch a new service or change a service immediately and flexibly.

Using an advanced message technology as a core, Solace provides “PubSub+,” a message broker product that moves data by converting the interfaces and protocols of messages transferred between devices and systems in a variety of forms, such as the cloud, software and applications, to customers in a wide range of industries, including finance.

In this collaboration, NEC and Solace combine NEC’s network solutions for enabling multi-access and optimizing networks with PubSub+ to provide total network and data connectivity.

Specifically, NEC is introducing PubSub+ to the cloud and providing a message function that handles a variety of interfaces and protocols in combination with an access line, such as mobile-phone network and Low Power Wide Area (LPWA). Further, by introducing PubSub+ to a customer’s system, NEC is promoting the development and construction of an event-driven architecture system.

With such initiatives, NEC will contribute to the acceleration of digital transformation for customers in a wide range of industries.

“We are excited about this collaboration with NEC, a leading provider of a wide range of global data connectivity solutions,” said Les Rechan, CEO, Solace. “We are confident in our smart data movement technologies and honored to contribute to NEC’s goal of ‘orchestrating a brighter world.'”

“NEC has an accomplished history of providing ‘connected’ value, mainly through networks, to enterprises and public customers, including telecommunications carriers, both domestically and internationally. This partnership with Solace enables us to further expand our ‘connected’ value to the data domain, where one-stop connectivity can be provided, from the edge to the cloud,” said Takashi Sato, General Manager, Digital Services Solution Division, NEC Corporation. “By combining Solace’s advanced message technology and NEC’s broad network solution, we are confident that we can contribute to the realization of customers’ IoT / DX business quickly, easily and flexibly.”