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Digital Society: How Telia is Enabling Smart Farming in Denmark

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It is as “real world” as it gets – Telia contributes to improving people’s lives by digitalizing some of the everyday duties of farmers. Telia Norway started it and now Telia Denmark has followed suit to provide Danish farmers with a smart system that monitors irrigation.

“Telia Norway was trying this solution, so in close cooperation with partners we took it to Denmark,” says Telia Service Orchestrator Bo Vendelsø-Nielsen. “We’re now running a trial here with a selected farmer on Fyn. But this goes beyond farming, the rationale behind these trials can be applied to most processes in most industries.”

Abraham Foss, CEO of Telia Norway, seems to agree. When trials began in Norway, he said, “This starts the rollout of a technology that represents a new industrial revolution. It also marks a milestone on a journey where Telia helps digitalize society.”

The technology he’s talking about is Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT), which enables excellent coverage outdoors, indoors – and to some extent even underground. NB-IoT is considered a cost-efficient way of connecting devices to existing mobile network infrastructure, and the ideal technology for things that run on a battery and only send data occasionally.

Vendelsø-Nielsen explains that the smart system for farming irrigation monitors, for example, the position of the watering equipment, condition of the water supply and even if the equipment is tilted.

“Through their smart device the farmer can then keep track,” Vendelsø-Nielsen says. “We work closely with these farmers to get their valuable feedback at the end of the trial. Expectations are that they save a lot of time by not having to go physically to each area or equipment to check if everything is ok. Subsequently, it contributes to optimizing production, helping farmers to plan and focus their operations.”

In addition to irrigation, Telia Norway’s smart farming trials have also included using NB-IoT and tracking sensors to monitor 1 000 sheep – enabling farmers to track the sheep’s position and well-being.

Furthermore, smart farming is just one area. Vendelsø-Nielsen explains:

“We see these kinds of solutions in many industries – this is big. It’s about new ecosystems and in this case we’ve cooperated with Norwegian company 7Sense. Solutions and partnerships like this support us on our journey to digitalization.”