DiGiSPICE launches ‘Horizon’ in Indonesia in association with Indosat

Digital Transformation

DiGiSPICE, a trusted strategic partner in the digital transformation of private and public enterprises as well as governments, has partnered with Indosat to launch ‘Horizon’, its telecom service management platform, in Indonesia.

Rolled out for the service providers of the country’s 2nd largest telecom operator Indosat. Horizon is a fast, cost-efficient and reliable way to publish, deliver and manage rich content and digital experiences.

The business platform enables customer interaction over digital and conventional channels with its ability to manage and deliver digital experiences and content to any screen or device. It also enables sharply targeted marketing activities including campaigning and recommendation engine, thereby making it a frontrunner in combatting the challenges that the Value-Added Services realm currently faces.

Speaking on the launch of Horizon, Mr Dilip Modi, Founder and Chairman of DiGiSPICE said, “With our extensive experience of running telecom services in India and creating highly-effective telecom-focused IT solutions, we understood the need for a platform that could bridge the gap between large telecom companies and the Value-Added service providers.”

“Horizon has been created to cater to this very need and we are pleased to announce its launch in the high-growth Indonesian market with one of its most prominent telcos, Indosat. While Indosat brings on board its strong customer base, brand recognition and credibility, Horizon will enable the partner on-boarding process, offering app and content management services to them, besides providing access to much-needed business intelligence and analytics tools,” he added.

The Value-Added Services (VAS) space is currently riddled with its fair share of challenges. These include fraudulent and unscrupulous charging, huge OPEX and CAPEX costs, insufficient service innovations, multiple access codes leading to subscriber confusion and old technology, amongst others. Horizon addresses these in multiple ways. From the service delivery perspective, it ensures seamless content management, service flow and increased subscriptions. The Compliance Centre offers enhanced customer satisfaction, faster reconciliation for incorrect charging and ensures service credibility. Our adoption of Blockchain Technology further strengthens our relationship with partners by creating trust, transparency & accountability.

Its smart campaign manager also allows for easy management and scheduling of multiple campaigns through an innovative multi-channel support. Service providers can employ a targetted approach to customer outreach by offering users convenient access to their favourite services. VAS Analytics further offers product recommendations and service credibility insights, in addition to helping the service provider with insightful Data Analytics via machine learning & AI. After the launch in Indonesia’s fast-growing telecom market, DiGiSPICE will look at rolling out the platform in other emerging global economies in the near future.