DIDWW, Telesmart.io Partner to Enable CSPs to Access Global Numbers


DIDWW, a telecom operator that offers premium quality VoIP communications for businesses and telco carriers all over the world, has partnered with Telesmart.io, an expert in global number and messaging services.

The partnership enables Telesmart.io’s customers to leverage its API-driven voice and messaging platform to access the global phone number coverage provided by DIDWW.

Through DIDWW and Telesmart.io’s collaboration, customers gain an expansive numbering ecosystem with access to a network of DIDWW virtual phone numbers and a guaranteed caller ID. As a global telecom provider, DIDWW offers extensive coverage of local, national, mobile and toll-free virtual phone numbers in over 80 countries.

Additionally, both voice and SMS communications may be enabled on the same number, and when combined with local two-way SIP trunks, customers benefit from a unique solution optimized for business VoIP communications.

Laura Malyseva, Senior Account Manager at DIDWW, added, “We are excited to cooperate with Telesmart.io and allow their business customers to leverage comprehensive DIDWW VoIP solutions, such as premium SIP trunking and virtual phone numbers all over the world.”

Telesmart.io’s all-in-one global number inventory management platform enables users to efficiently manage their DID number inventory, porting and routing from all providers such as DIDWW, while switching seamlessly and on-demand, creating significant cost-efficiencies. Telesmart.io’s API-enabled platform supports a BYOC (Bring Your Own Carrier) model that enables instant number provisioning for enterprise customers across multiple markets and industries.

“By working with DIDWW, we’re diversifying our numbering ecosystem for our customers so as demand accelerates, they can access more numbers. DIDWW has established itself as a leading global communications supplier, and we’re pleased that this partnership will enable us to enhance our user experience, while giving DIDWW an immediate and exciting opportunity to monetise a growing industry,” said Neil Kitcher, CEO and Co-Founder at Telesmart.io. “It’s a win-win situation, and we look forward to working closely with the team at DIDWW moving forward.”