DEVCO Taps SLA Digital to Enable Carrier Billing for meplay


SLA Digital have teamed up with DEVCO, to enable customers the option to charge items from their meplay service direct to their mobile phone bill, with hassle-free mobile payments. is a leading online retailer and distributor of gift cards, tokens, content and wallet top-ups from the world’s most popular digital stores such as PlayStation, Xbox, Netflix and Spotify. SLA Digital is helping DEVCO to expand these services in the Middle East by offering seamless payments via carrier billing, catering to the needs of customers in Kuwait and Jordan initially.

Leroy Durward, Chief Operating Officer at DEVCO commented: “We have embraced carrier billing as an widely-accessible payment option for customers in the Middle East and partnering with SLA Digital has only added to the simplicity and convenience of our user experience. Now customers can effortlessly pay for gift cards and tokens from their favourite digital stores and enjoy the services without the need for debit or credit cards.”

“We are delighted to introduce DEVCO as a new merchant in our ever-expanding portfolio and provide them with an ideal payment solution for customers in the Middle East. We look forward to helping them increase customers for their services and to exploring more opportunities for expansion through direct carrier billing,” said Kevin Drayne, CEO at SLA Digital.

SLA Digital are inviting mobile operators to contact them directly if they are interested in connecting with DEVCO for carrier billing on the meplay platform.