Deutsche Telekom Opens Integrated Cyber Defense, Security Operation Center in Singapore

Deutsche Telekom

With the opening of the 17th integrated Cyber Defense and Security Operation Center (SOC), Deutsche Telekom AG’s offering is now truly global. The company brings its decades of expertise in protecting technical infrastructures and data to Singapore.

In fact, the Asian SOC is only slightly smaller than its big brother in Bonn – currently Europe’s largest Security Operation Center.

A team of experts will observe the Asia-Pacific region (APAC) around the clock and search for anomalies and known malware. Telekom Security has tons of comparative values.

The network of 620 physical and around 3,400 logical honeypot sensors has to endure attacks from all over the world every day, making the learning systems smarter and smarter. On average, this happens about 42 million times, on some days even up to 60 million times (as of December 2019).

The SOCs use Deutsche Telekom’s Correlated Data Feeds to detect attacks at an early stage. Customers receive this information in real time. Countermeasures are taken just as quickly. The new integrated Cyber Defense and Security Operation Center provides insights into the threat landscape in Singapore and the APAC region. Supplemented by up-to-date global information, individual security strategies can be developed for any industry.

Telekom is thus meeting the growing demand for first-class cyber security knowledge to provide Managed Security Services in Singapore and around the world. The SOC accesses the Group’s Threat Intelligence platform. “Our 17 integrated Cyber Defense and Security Operation Centers around the globe are interconnected. They analyze up to 2.5 billion security-relevant events per day in more than 3,300 data sources. Pre-stages of artificial intelligence help us to do this,” says Dirk Backofen, Head of Telekom Security. “We are proud to bring our state-of-the-art technology and German data privacy standards to Asia in order to make our customers more secure in real time.”

The cyber security landscape continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace. Telekom Security is responding and strengthening its global threat intelligence network. The “Sharing is for Caring” initiative brings together security and incident response teams to improve the exchange of threat information. The coalition consists of cyber security industry heavyweights such as, Cyber Security Sharing & Analytics and Trusted Introducer.