Deutsche Telekom Offers Hybrid LTE for Fixed Network Customers

Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom now offers its fixed-network customers even more speed. With the new Hybrid LTE option, customers surf even faster than before.

A hybrid router combines up to 300 Mbit/s good LTE coverage with the existing fixed network speed. The necessary hybrid router Speedport Pro uses the mobile network in parallel with the fixed network for data transmission.

This means that even large volumes of data can be transmitted quickly. The option can be booked with all MagentaZuhause rates for only 4.95 euro per month. The Speedport Pro is available for a one-time fee of 389.82 euros or in the rental model for 9.70 euros per month.

Special offer for more speed

There are attractive offers for the introduction of the new Hybrid LTE option: All customers booking by 30 September will receive the Hybrid LTE option for the first three months at no extra charge. Broadband customers with low DSL bandwidths of less than 16 megabits per second even benefit permanently. In the MagentaZuhause XS and S rates, they receive the option at no extra charge.

Get started straight away and surf faster

The combination of mobile and fixed network is very easy for customers. The router even sets itself up at the telecom connection. With just a few simple steps, the pleasure of surfing is increased.

Hybrid customers benefit not only from the higher speed, but also from increased connection security. In the event of a fault in the fixed network, they simply surf and make calls via the mobile network.

This also benefits customers whose new connection has not yet been activated. With the Hybrid LTE option, they can make calls and surf immediately.