Deutsche Telekom Debuts ‘Workspace ONE’ Unified Endpoint Management Service for Enterprise

Deutsche Telekom

Today, employees can access company data on a wide variety of devices including mobile phone, laptop, tablet or IoT device. For companies’ IT departments, a constantly growing ‘zoo’ of devices can make managing platforms and apps complex and expensive.

It can also pose a significant security risk, if not addressed. For instance, a mobile device connected to a corporate network can present a vulnerable target for attacks. According to BITKOM sabotage, data theft and espionage have cost German industry 43.4 billion euros in recent years.

Deutsche Telekom is now offering a new service to large national and international corporate customers: Unified Endpoint Management by Workspace ONE simplifies device management for administrators and provides a better experience for end users.

The new service is based on VMware Workspace ONE – an intelligent digital workspace platform that simply and more securely delivers and manages any app on any device. By consolidating the number of tools used to manage and secure devices, customers will be able to save on costs and improve security while providing a better user experience to their employees.

Telekom operates the service with servers from one of its own highly secure data centers in Germany. This protects sensitive company data and company applications from unauthorized access with the greatest possible security.

Patrick Molck-Ude, responsible for Deutsche Telekom wholesale network business, emphasizes: “We are delivering the new service from the private cloud. Our data centers meet the world’s highest security requirements. This enables us to achieve a unique level of protection in the market.”

Shankar Iyer, senior vice president and general manager, End User Computing, VMware says: “For years Deutsche Telekom has been a strong partner of ours and we look forward to expanding that partnership with the integration of Workspace ONE with its new offering. Over the past couple of years, industry analysts have consistently recognized Workspace ONE as a leading unified endpoint management solution. By offering this industry-leading platform to its customers as part of its new solution, Deutsche Telekom will help them modernize their device management and security strategy while improving the overall end user experience.”