Deutsche Telekom Debuts ‘DeutschlandLAN NFON’ to Drive Cloud Telephony for SMEs, Enterprise

Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telecom has launched a fully managed, NFON-based telephone system from the cloud.

Addition to the DeutschlandLAN product family of Deutsche Telekom: DeutschlandLAN NFON, the modern cloud telephone system on basis of NFON, is now available via the Telekom Cloud Portal.

As strategic partners, NFON AG and Deutsche Telekom have tailored their solution to the requirements of small customers who aim to replace their existing ISDN system with a modern IP telephony.

The goal of the partnership is to convince small and medium sized businesses of a simple, flexible and central cloud telephone system and to enable those business to setup and administrate their telephone system independently. NFON AG are market leaders for cloud telephone systems in Europe.

The best basis for mobile working
Users are able to intuitively set additional functions such as call management, voice mail or call routing via a web based user-interface. DeutschlandLAN NFON is always with you: in the office, the home office or on the road via your smartphone. “Our future-proof telecommunication solution is supporting mobile working and enables family-friendly telework models”, says Dirk Backofen, Senior Vice President Marketing Business Customers at Deutsche Telekom GmbH.

The cloud solution can quickly be extended at any time – several locations or home offices can easily be integrated and over 150 functions are available from the first extension.

Cloud service “Made in Germany”
DeutschlandLAN NFON provides customers with a cloud service “Made in Germany”. “Development, operation and support happen exclusively in Germany. Users of DeutschlandLAN NFON get the acquired high level of service and security by Deutsche Telekom and NFON”, says Jürgen Städing, Chief Product Officer at NFON AG. For the solution therefore, the particularly strict German data protection regulations apply. Both partners, each market leaders in their sector, guarantee highest security and availability since all services are happening in high security and redundant data centers.

Customers can access the telephone system from anywhere in the world via an encrypted Internet connection, using a telephone, a computer, or a smartphone. The TÜV technical inspection service regularly certifies NFON systems as having “very good” voice quality.

Simple installation, fair pricing structure
With DeutschlandLAN NFON, customers receive a complete, managed solution from Deutsche Telekom that is fully flexible and offers a monthly termination option. The service can be booked online at a fixed price starting at € 5.95 (net) per user per month; the charge is simply added to the bill for the existing IP line. The advantage: The customer only pays for what they actually use. Software updates are included. The plug-and-play system means that installation is very simple: just unbox the telephone, plug it in, and it’s ready to go. All that is required for this cloud-based telephone system is a Telekom IP line with the Standard Digibox as a router.