Deutsche Telekom debuts ‘cell tower to go’ at Digital X

Deutsche Telekom debuts 'cell tower to go' at Digital X

“Cell tower to go“ at Digital X 2023: A new mobile transmission mast from Deutsche Telekom will be in use at the World Exhibition of Digitalization on September 20 and 21, 2023 and will provide additional mobile coverage on the event site in Cologne’s Mediapark.

The special thing about this mast: It is significantly smaller, lighter and more flexible than previous ones. The entire mobile radio technology fits into a compact micro container (length: 1.6 meters, width: 2 meters, height: 2.6 meters).

The mobile mast saves space and is easy to transport. It can be set up by one person in less than an hour – and is ready to use straight away. At the Digital X, the new mobile transmission mast is located in the Media Park directly at the Inspiration Stage, the largest stage at the event.

The system supports 5G and LTE, and the antennas can be extended up to a height of eight meters. With this mobile mast, mobile communications can be quickly brought to where it is needed.

Flexibility: Temporary mobile coverage for events, fairs or large construction sites

The compact mobile communications solution can, for example, support business customers with high-performance mobile communications for temporary purposes – for example in new development areas and large construction sites as well as for events or applications in agriculture. Companies can also use the new mobile transmission tower in combination with existing 5G campus networks for company premises. The micro container can be connected to a local power supply or any other mobile energy source. The connection to the data network is possible via fiber optic as well as radio relay.

“The new micro-container provides even more scope for short-term mobile Communications needs, regardless of time and place. After successful practical tests, we are presenting the innovative and particularly flexible mobile coverage solution to our business customers in live operation for the first time at Digital X.”, says Hagen Rickmann, Managing Director of Business Customers at Telekom Deutschland GmbH.

Developed by Deutsche Telekom and successfully tested at festival

The ultra-mobile mast is a prototype developed by two Deutsche Telekom employees. In the search for an even more efficient solution for coverage supply at festivals, major events and in natural disaster areas, the first idea for the compact mobile phone micro-container was born.

After further research and development work, the first practical test of the prototype in live use followed in August 2023: at the Nibirii Festival in Düren, Germany, with over 30,000 fans of electronic music.

Companies can take part in a free pilot test

Starting in November, companies can test the micro-container free of charge for their purposes for up to six weeks. A total of ten systems are available for the test. The pilot will take place from November 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024.

Best mobile coverage for Digital X visitors in Cologne
Beyond the micro container, Deutsche Telekom’s mobile network is well prepared for the World Exhibition of Digitalization with over 50,000 expected visitors in Cologne: The network operator there already supplies 99.9 percent of the population with both LTE and 5G. Cologne is one of Deutsche Telekom’s best covered 5G cities, particularly on the powerful 3.6 GHz frequency. Around 340 5G high-speed antennas are already providing download speeds up to 1 gigabit per second in the city. In addition, Deutsche Telekom has made optimizations to existing mobile communications systems in particularly heavily frequented Digital X locations. This ensures that the network can transport data traffic stably and reliably despite the exceptionally high load during the event days.