Deutsche Telekom, ADAC launch strategic partnership for better road safety

Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom has just launched a strategic partnership with the automobile association ADAC, with plans to offer products and appealing benefits to its customers and ADAC members.

To this end, both companies are also keen to leverage the opportunities of traffic digitalization. For example, Deutsche Telekom is working with ADAC to expand its CarConnect offerings.

Starting provisionally in mid-October, drivers will be able to report a breakdown to ADAC in just a few clicks using the CarConnect app. The location of the damaged vehicle is transmitted automatically, allowing CarConnect customers to quickly and easily benefit from ADAC’s breakdown service.

Better road safety thanks to a digital solution

“Hotspots, wGPS, protection against theft and more – CarConnect gives our customers internet and security for their vehicle. From October, we will be working side by side with ADAC, the best partner to help us harness the many new opportunities of traffic digitalization,” says Michael Hagspihl, Head of Consumers at Telekom Deutschland.

“We look forward to this long-term collaboration with Deutsche Telekom,” says Lars Soutschka, managing director for sales, membership service, motor sports and digitalization at ADAC, adding: “We will be working together to develop lots of ideas and implement them on our roads. The main focus is to offer appealing benefits to our ADAC members.” Deutsche Telekom and ADAC will reveal the first specific offering to come out of this strategic partnership shortly.