Denmark’s Aarhus Deploys JMA Wireless TEKO C-DAS Solution

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JMA Wireless is enabling powerful mobile communications with its TEKO C-DAS (centralized distributed antenna system) solution in Aarhus, Denmark’s fastest growing city and the 2017 European Capital of Culture.

Initially, four residential and/or mixed-use developments with 15 buildings have been constructed to accommodate this city’s rapid growth. To ensure robust cellular connectivity in these new structures, RAN host, Stofa, worked with system integrator, KM Telecom, to deploy the C-DAS solution, an iteration of the industry leading TEKO DAS platform from JMA Wireless.

“Aarhus is home to Scandinavia’s second largest university and has the youngest demographics of any Danish city; therefore, to accommodate the mobile connectivity needs of this youthful population, a C-DAS was deployed,” said Todd Landry, Corporate Vice President of Product and Market Strategy at JMA Wireless. “Traditional macro towers would not have provided sufficient cellular connectivity. Our C-DAS platform is a very efficient and cost-effective alternative.”

The Aarhus deployment includes four residential zones known as Frederick’s Place, Pakhusene, Island 4 Aarhus and Risskov Brynet. Together they cover almost 240,000 sqm. Within these developments there are residential, office and retail space, all requiring reliable cellular coverage.

With the C-DAS platform, the central processing equipment is in a lower cost offsite BTS (base transceiver station) hotel located in central Aarhus, saving up to 85 percent of valuable onsite real estate for revenue generating tenants, not housing technical equipment. Furthermore, the C-DAS can easily move capacity into different areas as necessary.

The capacity used for businesses during the week can be reallocated to residences on the week-ends or in the evenings when people are at home.

“We have worked with JMA Wireless on high-profile DAS projects across Denmark before; therefore, when the Aarhus project was presented to us we thought of JMA Wireless first,” stated Michael Hermansen, CEO at KM Telecom. “They provide excellent local support and their innovative C-DAS platform was the perfect solution for this deployment.”

The mixed-use development in Aarhus provides many amenities such as underground parking, expansive recreational areas and robust wireless communications.

During the initial phase of this project, a six-person team deployed two sectors, supporting the mobile operators, TDC, Telia and Telenor, and the 2100 UMTS band.

Inside the buildings, only low and high-power UMTS remote units (RUs) were deployed. However, with the installation of point-to-point links, cellular coverage and capacity are available to locations up to 20 kilometers away, even to Island 4 Aarhus, a manmade island with a variety of residences.