Deloitte Cyber, HGC Partner to Protect Companies from Cyber Risks

HGC Global Communications

Deloitte Cyber has partnered up with HGC Group to provide a holistic solution to protect Hong Kong companies from cyber risks during digital era.

Rapid digitization has led to faster development and release of products, enabling an increase in customer engagement for business growth and innovation to drive business process transformation.

However, it has also brought a host of data privacy risks, and opened up opportunities for cyber criminals to strike as organisations rush to meet customer demands. Companies of all sizes have been impacted by these trends yet not all have the resource and scale to protect themselves.

At the same time, the global pandemic has led to a dramatic rise in cyber crime. According to a study from Deloitte, more than half a million people globally were affected by breaches in which the personal data of video conferencing users was stolen and sold on the dark web.

Deloitte Cyber has joined forces with HGC Group to help companies in combating the cyberattacks, with the support of HGC group’s full-fledged telecom, data centre services, ICT solutions and broadband services for local, overseas, corporate and mass.

Macroview Telecom, the CyberSecurity and digital transformation solution arm of HGC Group, represents the Group to partner with Deloitte Cyber and provide a holistic and comprehensive CyberSecurity portfolio, using latest technology, best practice and certified and skilled resources to protect Hong Kong companies from the CyberSecurity risks.

Macroview Telecom has over 10 years of experience in security services with over 200 local certified security experts, its security operation is ISO 27001 certified and is supported by top-tier security vendor latest technologies and the strongest team in local security research and development network.

As Deloitte Cyber is an enabler in different global CyberSecurity research for its Global Advisory network and has expertise in compliance and data protection, this partnership will provide adaptive security protection by different stages, including predict & prevent, detect, protect and response and enrich the CyberSecurity capabilities for companies.

Predict & Prevent – Combining Deloitte Cyber global threat intelligences and Macroview Telecom CyberSecurity Research and Simulation Lab, our experts can predict new threats, and derive a holistic design and the prevention strategies, in short we can provide complex CyberSecurity advisory and protection not limit to those automation of routine cybersecurity responses.

Detect – An effective detection of CyberSecurity threats starts with a detailed design of security data on-boarding process, customized Security Management Platform, together with on-going use case development. With over 200 certified Cybersecurity professionals, the partnership of Deloitte Cyber and Macroview Telecom becomes the best choice in addressing above CyberSecurity areas.

Protect – Macroview Telecom possesses the top-class expertise and experience including full end-to-end support knowledge from hundreds of local subject matter experts in various ICT technology domains. Together with Deloitte Cyber regular company workflow advisory, zero trust assessment and multi-factor protection for designing and implementing multi-vendor security protection infrastructures, all of these factors are essential in CyberSecurity of a company.

Response – CyberSecurity incident is not just talking about sending alerts to our customers, it covers a full-range CyberSecurity services, including having certified and experienced local CyberSecurity professionals, using the Global CyberSecurity Intelligence. We have a fully resilient, adaptive and automated CyberSecurity Operations, and all-rounded CyberSecurity Incident Forensic and Response Team to provide an all-encompassing response to any threats detected.

Miro Pihkanen, Partner, Deloitte Cyber said, “The cyber threat has become a board-level risk in today’s business world. If you’re operating online, you’re at risk. An attack can lead to financial and reputational damage, both of which can be irreparable. A reactive response is no longer good enough, prevention measures must be put in place well in advance and proactive detection of threats is a must.”

Andrew Kwok, CEO of HGC said, “HGC Group is continuously expanding the digital transformation to local and international markets, cybersecurity is one of the most prominent consideration during this digital journey. Riding on our full-fledged digital infrastructure, we’ll continue to invest millions of US dollars in different phases to further enhance our capabilities in cybersecurity. The partnership between HGC Group’s Macroview and Deloitte can offer a 360-degree view of cybersecurity services across all industry segments to protect our customers’ digital assets, and support them in operating an anti-risk environment while developing their business.”

Victor Share, CEO of Macroview Telecom, a HGC Group Company said, “With our proven record of successful cases in the industry, Macroview has been well recognized as a trustful Digital Transformation Partner to our customers for many years. With our self-owned Security Operation Centre (A.SOC) in operations for several years serving different major financial and monetary organizations, we’ll continue to expand our cybersecurity solution in different sector.”