DDoS Protection: Brazilian Network Information Centre Selects NETSCOUT


NETSCOUT SYSTEMS, INC., a provider of service assurance, security, and business analytics, has announced that the Brazilian Network Information Centre – NIC.br, an organization that implements the projects designed by the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee – CGI.br, has selected Arbor DDoS solutions to strengthen its Network Operations Center defense capabilities to protect its infrastructure against service disrupting Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

In 2017, Brazil was the fifth most frequently targeted country by DDoS attackers. This led NIC.br to take proactive measures to enhance their detection and mitigation capabilities to ensure availability of their network resources.

NETSCOUT Arbor SP provides comprehensive network visibility and reporting capabilities to help NIC.br detect and understand availability threats, and improve traffic engineering, peering relationships and service performance. A vital component of the Arbor DDoS solution, Arbor TMS, supports a mitigation architecture called diversion/reinjection.

Arbor TMS removes only the malicious traffic and forwards the legitimate traffic to its intended destination. This is highly advantageous for service providers, large enterprises, and large hosting/cloud providers because it enables a single, centrally located Arbor TMS to protect multiple links and multiple data centers. The result is more efficient use of mitigation capacity and fully non-intrusive security.

“It was a project thoughtfully designed to increase our capabilities to resist an attack scenario,” says Marcelo Gardini, systems manager at NIC.br. “Today, whoever is connected on the internet will suffer an attack. It’s not a question of whether you will be attacked or not. The attack will happen, and you must be prepared. As a result of our NETSCOUT Arbor deployment, we can perform mitigation in a more automated way that is simpler and faster. Several mitigation techniques we use are now integrated into a single interface and a single tool.”

“It’s certainly an honor for us to be chosen by the highly professional NIC.br team. They have mastered all aspects of our solutions to get the most out of them as protection tools to reinforce their NOC capabilities and keep their network always available,” said Geraldo Guazzelli, NETSCOUT Arbor’s country manager in Brazil.