DataHub Networks launches fibre optic network in Switzerland


DataHub Networks AG in Biel has formally launched one of the largest fibre optic networks in Switzerland. DataHub Networks offers georedundant point-to-point (P2P) connections over a 2,400-kilometre fibre optic network for optimal site networking throughout Switzerland.

Permanent data connections increasingly benefit international providers, carriers and companies with large wholesale data flows.

DataHub Networks has secured the right to use 2,400 kilometres of fibre optic cable. These cables run alongside railway tracks and are networked throughout Switzerland through 46 access points at centrally located railway stations.

“With one of the largest fibre optic networks in Switzerland, we focus on the stability, and locational advantage of Biel (Espace Mittelland), as well a client base increasingly comprised of international companies and large Swiss companies,” sa Mathias-Ulrich Koch, CEO DataHub Networks AG.

This future-proof fibre optic cable technology, ensuring high bandwidth reserves for data transmissions, provides a major point-of-sale (POS) advantage to the DataHub Networks. The profoundly efficient and secure IT infrastructure, high availability and exclusive services on the Swiss Big Data Highway provide further advantages.

Targeted cooperation with partner companies and the focused use of one of the most efficient fibre optic networks in Switzerland represents a pioneering approach to increasing digitisation and securing international economic relations.

DataHub Networks enables the use of scalable bandwidths from 10 Mbps up to 400 Gbps with maximum flexibility. As a further exclusive service, DataHub Networks provides interested providers with their own (fibre) glass colour. This enables clients to connect their own equipment and operate their own network on a stand-alone basis.

DataHub Networks AG was founded in 2016 and is based in Biel, Switzerland. DataHub Networks offers professional data transmission services on a state-of-the-art optical network in Switzerland. The network is based on more than 2,400 kilometres of fibre optic lines across throughout Switzerland.

46 centrally located access points provide optimum coverage in German and French-speaking Switzerland, as well as in Ticino. The core competence of DataHub Networks is highly available point-to-point (P2P) services for national and international carriers, companies with large data transmission requirements and local operators in Switzerland.