Data Roaming: How To Avoid a Hefty Surprise Bill


These days, just about every one of us has a cellular device. Some of us have a simple cell phone while others of us have dropped hundreds, maybe even over a thousand bucks, on our dream smartphone. And the costs only get greater with our monthly phone bills.

If you’re on a tight budget, below are some great ways to avoid an expensive phone bill this month.

1 Disable Roaming on Your Phone

Under your phone settings, there should be an option to disable data roaming when using your cellular device. If you are unable to find this setting, there is usually a guide online that will help you based on your particular phone brand and model.

2 Get a Travel Plan

Do you travel frequently, or will you be traveling for a semi long period of time? International plans, like those provided by Simify, are highly recommended. Plans like these are generally more expensive than your average plan. However, considering you won’t have a bunch of surprise charges at the end, your bill will usually end up smaller in the end.

3 Use Wi-Fi Whenever You Have the Chance

It isn’t always possible of course, but using Wi-Fi as opposed to using phone data is recommended while traveling. Many restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, and the like offer free public Wi-Fi, many without password protection.

4 Tell People Not to Text or Call You Often

Communication is a two-way street. And, well, it’s wise to notify your loved ones not to call or text you very much while you’re traveling if you wish to avoid data charges. This way, they won’t be tempted to flood you with a bunch of messages. Let them know what’s up and to perhaps only message you before bed or in the morning to cool down the data roaming charges.

5 Use a Special Texting & Calling App

If you can’t refrain from texting and calling your loved ones, as an alternative to using regular data, you may wish to download a free app for texting and calling. These apps work even if you have your data disconnected, or don’t have a phone plan at all, as long as you have a source of Wi-Fi.

6 Keep an Eye on Your Data Usage

Sometimes we don’t truly know how much data we’re using until we actually monitor it. Many phones have built-in data usage monitors to use for free. Otherwise, there are apps you might be able to download to get the job done. This way, you can figure out where you need to cut the data use or if you need to stop altogether.


Data roaming on your phone is one way to get a super pricey phone bill at the end of the month. While initially it doesn’t cost much, the nickels and dimes add up quite quickly the more data you use. That being said, your best bet is to avoid data roaming as much as possible to enjoy a lower phone bill.