D-Link Showcases Range of M2M, 4G LTE Innovations at MWC 2017


D-Link, the multinational networking equipment manufacturer, is showcasing numerous products from what is one of the industry’s most complete range of M2M and 4G LTE products at the ongoing Mobile World Congress 2017 (MWC) in Barcelona.

As IoT continues to develop and expand, D-Link strives to continue providing solutions to enable better quality of life in smart cities.

Anny Wei, President of D-Link Corporation, said, “As the connected world continues to develop and expand, the demands for technology to support this new eco-system increase. At D-Link we’ve been leading the way in outdoor APs, small-cell coverage extension, in-vehicle LTE hotspots and direct machine connection for the last few years, and we’re looking forward to meeting with our partners and customers during Mobile World Congress to discuss how we can use our technical expertise in these areas to further support the journey to the connected future.”

The products that D-Link is demonstrating in Hall 2 on Stand 2D21MR include:

Connectivity & Surveillance

High speed network communications and surveillance systems are key in developing high quality smart urban environments. D-Link LTE hotspots and bridges provide connectivity that allows the community to effectively access information and entertainment sources, while surveillance cameras with smooth video streaming, such as the LTE Camera (DCS-2800LM), ensure that everyday life is safer and simple.

Monitored Environment

D-Link utilises LoRa technology, a low-power wide-area network, for monitoring the environment in facilities such as campuses, hospitals, factories, and farms. LoRa products, such as D-Link’s IOT Gateway (DWM-312G), provide better safety measures and efficient use of resources with the ability to track, monitor, and control environmental factors such as temperature, CO2 emissions, and energy.

Connected Vehicles

Portable Wi-Fi devices and in-vehicle hotspots, such as D-Link’s in-vehicle LTE Hotspot (DWM-321), provide on the go utilities whenever and wherever you need. D-Link’s technologies, like the OBD2 Tracker (DWM-320), can also work together with in-vehicle network cameras and GPS trackers to monitor and report driver and passenger behaviour, enabling safer transportation.

Superfast 4G+ LTE

Superfast mobile broadband speeds – 4G+ LTE – is where D-Link leads once more. CAT6 300 Mbps mobile internet is just the beginning – the latest CAT12 supports download speeds of up to 600 Mbps, providing incredible high-speed mobile Internet access wherever you are, whether at home or on the go. File access from anywhere via the Cloud makes life simpler and more convenient. D-Link’s 4G+ LTE advanced solutions, including the LTE CAT9 Mobile Hotspot (DWR-937) and the LTE CAT9 IAD (DWR-976) support LTE CAT9 to CAT12 for high speed mobile Internet access.

Hybrid Solutions

The amount of content on the internet has increased dramatically in recent times, resulting in a demand for faster bandwidths. Hybrid DSL+LTE routers, such as D-Link’s DSL+LTE Hybrid Router (DWR-980), allow you to combine 4G LTE mobile internet with fixed line DSL broadband to give you even faster internet speeds. Referred to as the “fourth utility,” a fast, reliable internet connection is often considered to be as basic a utility as water, gas, or electricity. With a Hybrid Solution, you have failsafe Internet service that will continue to provide connectivity even if the LTE or DSL connections fail.

Machine to Machine

Machine to Machine technology is an integral part of the Internet of Things. Collect data from remote sensors, keep assets connected without deploying new infrastructure, take payments from anywhere, or deploy networks in remote areas. Organisations can work smarter with D-Link’s M2M products.

Blazing fast 4G LTE speeds, such as those delivered by D-Link’s 4G LTE M2M Router (DWM-312), give you the reliable, always-on connectivity you need for business in the digital age.