Cyta Picks Nokia to Enable Nicosia Integrated Operations Center

Nokia will deliver its Integrated Operations Center (IOC) solution in the Municipality of Nicosia, Cyprus.

In partnership with Cyta, the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority, Nokia will deliver its IOC city management platform to help Nicosia advance its smart city transformation, enhancing citizen services and improving environmental sustainability.

The Nokia IOC will also help city authorities deliver a range of new digital services that include urban mobility, smart parking, intelligent street lighting, environmental sensors, sustainable waste management, digital signage and information services.

Andreas Neocleous, Chief Executive Officer Cyta, said: “The Nokia IOC solution brings powerful levels of insight and integration capability. Combined with Cyta’s technology, infrastructure, security and project management expertise we look forward to playing an important role in helping Nicosia to achieve its smart city goals.”

Part of the municipality’s long-term smart city strategy, the Nicosia city project is expected to be completed in three years with initial infrastructure and smart city systems available during 2021. The project is co-funded by the European Structural and Investment Funds, the Republic of Cyprus and the Municipality of Nicosia.

Sergio Solivera, Vice President, Nokia Mediterranean, said: “Nokia’s Integrated Operations Center provides the framework for the Municipality of Nicosia to integrate service development, delivery and management. Crucially, it also allows the extensive network of partners engaged in Nicosia to deploy intelligent digital applications and services that enable citywide innovation.”

Nokia’s smart city solutions – based on Nokia Bell Labs Future X architecture – include intelligent, integrated city platforms that utilize 5G, Industrial IoT and machine learning analytics technologies to provide foundations for urban innovation.

Nokia’s IOC gives city authorities a unified real-time view into all municipal assets and services. The IOC enables cities to deliver services more efficiently, leverages analytics to create new revenue opportunities, and integrates information from multiple sources to enable effective service management and rapid response to issues.

Nokia and Future X cities

Nokia’s Future X cities offer the promise of greener, prosperous, more livable communities for all citizens. Many cities that are in the midst of their transformation are realizing that a more cohesive approach is needed in order to achieve the full benefits of smart city initiatives.

Robust, proven technologies such as 5G, Industrial IOT and analytics allow for the creation of intelligent and integrated city platforms that provide a foundation for true citywide innovation. With the Nokia Bell Labs Future X architecture for Future Cities, communities can benefit from a high-performance network foundation and scalable city-grade platforms to combine the intelligence within their smart city applications and services, and fuel the continued economic and social growth of their city.