Crosslake Fibre Taps Equinix to Terminate its Digital Gateway Between Toronto and New York

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Equinix, Inc., the global interconnection and data center company, has announced that Crosslake Fibre selected Equinix to extend its backhaul capacity into Equinix TR2 International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data center in Toronto and Equinix NY4 IBX in Secaucus, New Jersey.

The Crosslake Fibre network is the newest, fastest and most diverse secure long-haul route providing lit and dark fiber services interconnecting two of the most vital financial markets in the world.

Crosslake selected Equinix due to the company’s expertise in delivering and managing cable landing stations and its access to dense, rich ecosystems of networks, clouds, and financial and IT service providers. Equinix also provides a neutral landing point for submarine cable operators, significantly reducing their costs and time to deploy by simplifying operations at a neutral location. The Crosslake cable went live in October 2019.

The Crosslake cable traverses Lake Ontario from Toronto to New York State utilizing a specialized 192-fiber strand submarine cable that is 36 miles (58 km) in length. For the first time, this new network route delivers sub-9 ms round trip delay (RTD) performance between Toronto and New York.

Toronto is the largest contributor to the Canadian economy, at 20% of national GDP. It is the business and financial capital of Canada and one of the world’s largest financial centers. Equinix Toronto metro IBX data centers are home to one of the most robust trading ecosystems in Canada, encompassing alternative trading systems, market data feeds, risk management service providers, traders and banks. Equinix New York metro IBX data centers are home to the world’s largest financial services hub and one of the largest internet exchanges and peering points. Crosslake Fibre’s new high-speed route offers the financial community a number of service delivery options to enhance their connectivity into these key financial markets.

The Crosslake Fibre cable system provides backbone internet infrastructure that benefits not only financial markets, but also content delivery networks, gaming ecosystems and payment processing ecosystems.

Equinix’s strength as a global, carrier-neutral platform and interconnection provider makes it a desirable place for strategic submarine projects to land within Equinix ecosystem hubs. Equinix hosts more than 2,900 cloud and IT service providers on its global interconnection platform, Platform Equinix®. Equinix operates 200+ data centers serving close to 10,000 customers in highly interconnected markets with industry-leading reliability, security, performance and choice of rich digital ecosystems. Currently, Equinix IBX data centers are subsea enabled in 35 metros around the world.

Mike Cunningham, CEO, Crosslake Fibre, said, “The new network provides physical geographic diversity, the lowest latency performance and ultra-high capacity throughput. This backbone internet infrastructure between Equinix data centers benefits content delivery networks, financial customers, gaming ecosystem, payment processing customers and internet download speeds, in addition to being a potential catalyst for economic development.”

Jim Poole, Vice President, Business Development, Equinix, explained, “Crosslake Fibre is a great addition to the list of network service providers available at Equinix, and presents further connectivity options to our customers. By offering direct connectivity to the Crosslake cable system in our New York and Toronto data centers and a new low-latency route between these markets, we are able to continue to support the needs of key global customers looking to leverage interconnection and expand into these important markets.”